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  1. Thursday 9/18/08 UMD track workout

    Attendees- Monica, Chris, Bob, Cindy, Dave B, Dave F, Laurie, Lucy, Gene, Nicole, Amanda

    Workout- 9×400 at 8:00pace. Several of us completed this workout with Monica (part of the Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon program she is following). Others did their own workouts.

    Notes- Excellent weather, great group, tough workout (including fence climbing).

  2. Thursday 9/25/08 UMD track workout

    Attendees- Monica, Chris, Michael, John, Gene, Cindy

    Monica & Cindy– 2 x 2 miles at 8:30 pace, 3-4 min break in between
    Chris & Michael– 400s (72-75s)
    Gene- looking good!
    John- “ouch” my hamstring hurts workout

    Notes- weather.com said 100% chance of rain. But, it didn’t rain at all. Nice cool evening.

  3. Thursday 10/02/08 UMD track workout

    Unfortunately the track was unavailable due to a soccer game (not listed on the calendar posted at the track). So, Nicole, Kent, and Cindy followed Dave F on a tour of College Park for about 6+ miles. Apologies to anyone who came late and couldn’t find us!

  4. Thursday 10/15/08 College Park workout

    Since the track was closed for a soccer game, we met at the ice arena in College Park. Monica, John, Dave B, and Cindy ran approx 5 miles on paths near Lake Artemesia and in the surrounding hilly neighborhood past John’s house and Gene’s house, arriving back at the ice arena just before dark. Gene ran over from his house and joined us for part of the run. It was kinda hot and humid for mid-October. Join us next Thursday as we return back to the track for one last run.

  5. Attendees- Sharyn, Ginny, Tracy, Ian, Dawn, Gerry , Lisa and Kirk

    The 10K program has started their Tuesday night speed workouts at PGCC – Great job!!! (Yes it was hard and a little cold…)

    Looking forward to next Tuesday!

  6. Thursday 11/13/08 College Park workout

    We managed to avoid the rain, and it turned out to be a pleasant evening for a run. Dave F, Monica, John, and Cindy enjoyed an easy 5 mile run through College Park and the UMD campus.

  7. Thursday 12/18/08 College Park workout

    I’ve been remiss in posting the Thursday workout reports, but rest assured the crew hasn’t missed a week. Even last Thursday when it was pouring rain and VERY chilly, John, Monica, and Cindy toughed it out. We were happy to have Kent back this week with the regular crew (Nicole, Dave B, Dave F, John, Cindy; but no Monica). With new reflective running vests and lights, we were styling on our 6 mile run.

  8. Thursday 3/12/09

    We are still running every Thursday night, although I haven’t been posting any reports. The hardworking, dedicated Thursday night crew has made it through the cold dark days of winter and we are looking forward to running in daylight this week.

  9. Thursday 4/23/09 College Park workout

    A lovely but warm day for running. The UMD track is still closing too early for our workouts (but hopefully that will change!) so we had to make up our own fun workout. This week we did a fartlek run in which each of the four of us took turns leading the group for a short burst at the leaders desired pace and distance.

  10. Thursday 5/7/09 College Park workout

    All of the regulars– John, Dave F, Dave B, Monica, and Cindy– reported for duty. A pleasant 5.5 mile jaunt around the lake and through College Park (although Cindy was still tired and sore from Saturday’s 50K). We hope to have some other PGRCers join us sometime!

  11. Sunday 5/31/09 ABC 8am workout

    Six runners showed up for this morning’s long run. Deon, John, and Cindy ran 10 miles, and the three Daves ran 15+ miles. It’s starting to get warm and humid 😦

  12. Thursday 6/23/09 College Park workout

    Back at the ice arena this week after last week’s Buddy Attick races. Since it was hot out, we tried something a little different. We jogged over to the back entrance to Greenbelt Park and did hill repeats in the shade of the park. After 8 repeats we were nice and exhausted and jogged/walked back to the start.

  13. Thursday 8/13/09 College Park workout

    The hill workouts continue! This week a stalwart group of four – including one newbie- came out despite the virtual monsoon conditions. Well not quite monsoon, but very steady hard rain. Although we were soaked, we were not deterred (too much) and managed 6 reps up the hill in our soggy shoes and shorts before jogging back to the ice arena.

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