2012 running goals

What are your goals for 2012?  Put ’em in writing, and you’ll have a club full of runners encouraging you to succeed.  Here are a few categories of goals to consider. 

Achievement — PRs (personal records), finish a marathon, etc.

Training — Sign up for a training program, add speed work or hills to your training, keep a running log, healthy eating goals, etc.

Participation— Regularly attend one or more of the PGRC weekly workouts (such as the National Harbor morning runs or the Saturday morning Greenbelt Park runs).  Participate in a race series (e.g., MDRRCA, Buddy Attick fun runs, or Women’s Distance Festival). 

Giving back to the sport/club— Volunteer for races or as a pace coach in a training program, do trail maintenance, learn race timing or race management, etc.   And if you get injured and can’t accomplish your training or achievement goals (as happened with me this year), you can still accomplish your volunteer goals 🙂

We hope you will share your personal goals, and then work to achieve them!

And don’t forget to share your 2011 accomplishments.


2011 Year in Review

How was your 2011 running year? Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself in January?  In case you forgot, some of you shared yours here  2011 goals

Share your 2011 running best (and worst) moments here.

Question of the week: Do you wear a hat when you run?

This week’s question comes from blog reader Chris, who wants to know about your hat-wearing habits.  Do you wear a hat for running?  In what seasons?  Do you prefer a certain type or brand?





Question of the week: favorite sounds

Do you listen to music when you run? What is on your playlist?

Or perhaps you prefer the sounds of nature? Or your own footsteps? Or chatting with your running partner or pace leader?

What are YOUR favorite running sounds?

Question of the week: Hydration systems

Club member Steve asks–

“I am wondering what people use and would recommend for a hydration system.  I have run w/ a camelback, but it is time for me to replace it and I’m wondering what to replace it with.  The advantage is that it can hold a large volume of fluid which is great for long runs in the summer heat.  But… I’ve never run with anything else and I wonder what feedback or recommendations others would have on what they use.”

Since PGRC”s marathon training program is starting this Sunday, and the participants will be required to carry fluids, other club members will be also be seeking recommendations.

Please comment below regarding your preferred hydration system.

Question of the week: Carrying cell phone on runs

It’s always a good idea to carry your cell phone just in case of emergency (although we hope you aren’t texting and running :-). 

A PGRC member is looking for an armband holder for her Blackberry, and so asks:  How do you carry your phone?  — arm band, pocket, waistpack? 

We discussed running accessories last year and there were some good product suggestions, but does anyone have anything new to add?  Please add your comments and help out your fellow runners.

Question of the week: 2010 review

How was your 2010 running year? 

Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself in January?  In case you forgot, some of you shared yours here 😉 https://pgrunner.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/2010-running-goals/

Share your 2010 running best (and worst) moments here.

Question of the week: cold weather tips

Fifteen runners came out for last evening’s frigid UMD track workout.  Kudos to Kate, Andrea, Valerie, Juanita, Lydia, Cindy, Gwen, Ed, John, Tim, Gene, Dan, Gary, Dave B and Dave F, for braving the elements.   We donned hats, gloves, multiple layers, wool socks, and facemasks, and ducked into the heated locker rooms periodically to warm up, but still we managed to get in a full track workout.  Ed was last evening’s winner of the “I’m crazier than Elaine” award for wearing shorts. 

Since all of the PGRC weekly runs will continue year-round, hope you’ll share some tips with your fellow runners for surviving, and even enjoying, winter running.

Question of the week: What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for in your running life?

Happy Thanksgiving PGRC and friends!

Question of the week: Secret running fantasies

Time to dream a little bit. 

Whether it is a goal you might achieve someday with some hard work or something unattainable, share your (G-rated) running fantasties here.

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