On Being Busted…still

It’s been a few weeks since I blogged. The Year of the Half Marathon has become a bit of the Second February in a Row I’m Injured. I’ve taken off the last week after my hip flexor started to hurt and kept getting worse. My best guess is it’s my back that caused this, so I’m doing all I can to help both injuries. In order of efficacy, that is: standing at work, enzymes (Wobenzym, which acts as an anti-inflammatory), icing, squatting v. bending over, and doing strength exercises. And not running.

It’s hard not to do what you want to, so this is tough for me. I’m stubborn and driven, so I’m trying to channel those attributes toward getting better and getting stronger. I’ll be visiting my physical therapist tomorrow to see what’s going on. After that, my plan going forward should be clearer. I’ll post again then.

Big News!
I got into a coaching certification class in April! This is so very exciting to me, since I already inhale running knowledge like air. I’m formulating a few plans on how I can help the club. I’ll talk about them in another blog post because I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do.

So President Lydia and I are headed to Richmond to grace the class with our presence. And a healthy dose of … us. It’s going to be awesome! Does anyone know a really good place to eat nearby?

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  1. Kate, I feel your pain. It is very frustrating to be injured. I suggest that you use this time to your advantage. First of all, realize that injury is your body asking for rest. Embrace the chance to rest but also ensure that you fully understand your injury. Remember that medicine and doctors don’t heal your body, it heals itself with their help. Using mental energy to remain positive and to help your body heal is imperative. Do whatever is necessary to heal and know that you will be a better and stronger runner on the other side of this injury. Try to fully discern why you became injured so that you can watch for the signs in the future and make corrections before you are injured next time. Dare to dream of greater accomplishments once you are healed. I suffered 18 months without running about 10 years ago. Before my injury, I had run 2 marathons. Since my injury, I have run 36 marathons and 14 ultras and I qualified and ran Boston. My injury made me a much stronger runner.

  2. Nick, I love this. Thank you. I will say that time and experience has helped my perspective. Both times I’ve been forced to rest it’s been because of a herniated disc in my lower back (L5-S1). There’s another post from a few weeks back that talk about it in more detail, but it wasn’t a running injury.

    After I had to stop running last year, I was angry. It made me so mad that my body would betray me. I would torture myself by going to the track and walking while everyone flew by me. It took a good month before I accepted it and moved on. This year, even though I reinjured it trying to strengthen my core, I’ve been more positive. My week off here has been full of strength exercises and doing things I know work, but not doing too much. My back has steadily improved over the last month. The hip flexor is more confusing to me, since I’ve never had any hip problems like it before. My PT should be able to help me be sure I’m on the right track.

    This time, my goal is to come out, as you said, stronger and better. And I know I will. You’re proof, my experience last year is proof, and so many others show it too.

  3. Kate,

    The best advice Coach Valerie gave me was to take GOOD and LOTS of notes during the coaching class. You and Lydia should become study buddies and reach out to the other coaches in the club before you guys take the test. I don’t know what I would have done without Cass and Karen.

    They feed you breakfast (bagels/danishes) and lunch (sandwiches/salads). We didn’t venture out during our sessions.

  4. Not sure where in Richmond you guys are going to be but I recently visited with my daughter the campus of VCU and we ate at a place called Mama J’s. It’s a soulfood place but the food was really good & better than the other campus food around 🙂

    Wishing you a speedy recovery & congrats on the coaching class

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