On Sensibility

So here’s the update. I visited my PT on Thursday, and I’m thankful I did. She’s a pragmatic and supportive person, so it was good to work with her again. My back is doing well, it’s healing as it should. She’s happy with my range of motion, and despite some tight muscles in my lower back, she thinks I need to keep up my ice, core work, and standing at work, and it’ll be back to where it was soon.

My hip is tendinitis in my psoas muscle, and probably not related to my back issues. That’s a bit of a relief. This is a really deep muscle under the “six pack” muscles in your stomach. It starts at the top of your lumbar spine and connects on the front in your hip. I was feeling the pain in my hip, getting worse as I ran. She showed me an exercise to help loosen it, reminded me to ice, stretch, and cautioned me to be diligent with my efforts here. This kind of tightness can lead to a tear, so I need to be sensible. She said I could run, but I need to be ready to slow down or stop.

I don’t think I’ve been so relieved in quite some time, but I also need to remember I can’t get complacent. My strength exercises, ice, standing at work, I need to be sure I do these as much as I can. This is especially true with the strength work. I’m not a huge fan of strength work, but I know how much it helps. This needs to become a routine for me as long as I’m running.

Strength Workouts
I’m very partial to Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running. Jason’s blog resonates with me, and his focus on getting stronger has really helped me to realize its importance. I use a modified version of his Core and IT Band Rehab. I mostly focus on core right now, but the ITB routine is also very nice. Check out his core workout.

If you’re a beginner, be sure to moderate what he’s doing by not doing leg lifts on the planks or the bridge. You can also shorten each exercise to 30 or 45 seconds instead of a minute.

Year of the Half Marathon Update
So, I signed up for the Iron Girl Half Marathon at the end of April, just a week before my half in Frederick. There’s a Titanium Girl title for this kind of insanity and some extra medal or another. Me, I’m really interested in being able to brag about doing both well, which will require some serious focus on recovery during the intervening week.

What this means for my training right now is I need to be careful going forward. My hip will heal with time and care, so I will be doing that. My workouts will be more in flux than I’d like as I evaluate how I feel from day to day, but I’m confident I know what I need to do and know how to adjust my expectations if I’m limited. I’m okay with that, since the long term goal is to get faster over time, not tomorrow or next week.

Five weeks out from Rock and Roll USA, my first half of the year. I don’t think I’ll get under 2:00:00 here, but I’m holding out hope. Check back next week to see how it’s going.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve been in full Valentine mode at the nature center lately, with corny animal valentines to boot.  (Really, the corn snake’s says “Call me corny, but I love you!”)  So, in the spirit of sharing the love I created some running-themed valentines to share with you and your running loved ones.  Due to space concerns I only included a few ideas below, but feel free to make your own! Continue reading

On Being Busted…still

It’s been a few weeks since I blogged. The Year of the Half Marathon has become a bit of the Second February in a Row I’m Injured. I’ve taken off the last week after my hip flexor started to hurt and kept getting worse. My best guess is it’s my back that caused this, so I’m doing all I can to help both injuries. In order of efficacy, that is: standing at work, enzymes (Wobenzym, which acts as an anti-inflammatory), icing, squatting v. bending over, and doing strength exercises. And not running.

It’s hard not to do what you want to, so this is tough for me. I’m stubborn and driven, so I’m trying to channel those attributes toward getting better and getting stronger. I’ll be visiting my physical therapist tomorrow to see what’s going on. After that, my plan going forward should be clearer. I’ll post again then.

Big News!
I got into a coaching certification class in April! This is so very exciting to me, since I already inhale running knowledge like air. I’m formulating a few plans on how I can help the club. I’ll talk about them in another blog post because I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do.

So President Lydia and I are headed to Richmond to grace the class with our presence. And a healthy dose of … us. It’s going to be awesome! Does anyone know a really good place to eat nearby?

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