2011 Year in Review

How was your 2011 running year? Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself in January?  In case you forgot, some of you shared yours here  2011 goals

Share your 2011 running best (and worst) moments here.


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  1. I’ll post my year in review. My goals for the year were to do my first half marathon in 2:15 and do a bunch of triathlons. It was a “get in better shape” kind of year. And of course, things didn’t go as planned.

    I ran my first half ever a month before my scheduled race. You can’t say no when someone says, “Let’s go to New Orleans. There’s a race that weekend, and I’ve been wanting to go.” So undertrained as I was, I did the largely flat Mardi Gras Half on 2/13 in 2:18. Then I got hurt. Well, I was hurt before, probably around the turn of the year, but it finally caught up to me. I have a herniated disc in my lower back, which is mostly okay now, but it put me on the shelf for about a month.

    Anyway, I did a triathlon in June (the Celebration in Columbia), and then decided I would dedicate myself to running. I hated swimming so much and really loved running, so it was an easy choice. I trained for the Parks Half Marathon in September, finishing in 2:08.

    Since then, I’ve concentrated on speed and setting goals for 2012. I PRd in the 5K (0:25:51) and 10 mile distance (1:35). For me, next year will be the Year of the Half Marathon. I’m committing myself to five next year, which will be an interesting and focused challenge. You’ll be hearing more about this very soon because I’ll be blogging throughout 2012 about this adventure!

  2. My 2011 running year started with the “what not to do” and then slowly rebuilding and shooting for my goals of a 2hr half and a 4:20 marathon. At the start of the year, I ignored all common sense of starting back up slowly and pushed to hard to try and train for the National Marathon and I hurt my IT band. Against all advice I ran the marathon hurt and it took a long time to get back to 100%.

    In all this year, I did 6 half marathons with a PR of 2:00:48, yes I missed my goal by 48 seconds. LOL. I completed the Marine Corp Marathon in 4:32 (which included a 6min stop to use the porta potty) so all in all I am happy.

    This year I completed a total of 13 races, which was also a goal of doing less races than the year prior when I did 23 : )

  3. I ran 2 marathons in during the year, something I’ve only done once before. I’d like to run 2 a year. This year I did them both in October rather than one in spring and one in the fall. I’m still a little beat up from that.

    This year’s failure: still haven’t BQ’d.

  4. I had a great year and I thank all the good people who ran with me for that. My goals for 2011 were to: PR a half and a 10 mile; run a 5k under 30 mins; and keep running with PGRC. Gosh, I actually achieved all of those except the PR in the half, which is now a 2012 goal. I hit PRs in the 1 mile, 5k, 5 mile, and 10 mile distances in 2011.

  5. I had a pretty decent year. I set PR’s in the 1 Mile, 10k and 10 Miler. I did run 3 Marathons and 3 Half Marathons, none of them were PR’s, but I gained valuable experience. I also ran my first ultra, 54 miles of fun on the trail. It was a unique experience.

    Next year is all about getting faster and the shorter distances and maybe another marathon and I dare say ultra. We shall see.

  6. I set ambitious race goals for 2011 and didn’t accomplish any of them. Not even close.

    After my 2010 ultra-mania, for 2011 I decided to focus on speed with a goal of qualifying for Boston at the National Marathon in March. But in January I started feeling minor pain in my right heel. I rested some but kept training. Long story short- I crashed and burned at the marathon finishing way off my goal time.

    After the marathon in March, I quit running to let my plantar fascitis heal. In May, I took swim lessons and learned how to swim laps.

    I finally started running again in August, and ran 10+ races to finish out the year. I managed to finish (walking at times) just enough races to place in the MCRRC CS and XC series.

    In addition to the racing goals which I didn’t achieve, I wrote down two other goals – (1) run with Back on My Feet once per week and (2) increase average track attendance to 30 people. Goal (1) was a big failure b/c I wasn’t running and even when I was 5:00am is just unrealistic for me. Goal (2) I think we achieved- track nights have been pretty successful- thanks to all (Kate, Kent, Monica, Gary, Lydia, Andrea, etc) who have filled in for me this year to keep them going.

  7. I am new to the club, I just want to really start getting in the grove of becoming a better runner. I have a goal of completing 5mile runs daily. Lets say 3miles first and then gradually get up to 5 by the year end. I am happy to be apart of the group I will start getting out there once the New Year starts. I have a busy plate and once I start I don’t want to stop. Happy New Year Team let’s be productive and stay motivated.

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