Winter Sunday long runs

Who’s interested in attending the club Sunday runs (8am@ABC) this winter? Are you training for a particular race?

I’m asking b/c we are considering posting a long run schedule for the next few months that targets one or two early spring longer races (like Rock n Roll). If there is interest, I’ll post a schedule for marathon and/or half marathon.

Also, the Sunday long runs are a great way to train for the MDRRCA Club Challenge 10 miler (February 26)- a PGRC team event.


6 Responses

  1. Hi. Is there consideration for long runs to occur on Saturdays vs. Sundays – or even alternate?

  2. Yes, I’d like to use Sundays to train for the Rock n Roll half.

  3. I could definitely use the company in my training for the Rock ‘n Roll half.

  4. I’d love to have group long runs on Saturdays! Greenbelt Park is great, but I do want to get 10-12 miles in, preferably with a group! Any takers?

  5. Not signed up for a race now, but last year signing up for the National Half in December didn’t help with the winter motivation. If weekend runs continue, I plan to do a better job of making them. Still, I wouldn’t use me in the planning. 🙂 [Sorry for the duplicate post, feel free to delete the prior one.]

  6. I am game for some Saturday long runs too.

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