Winter Sunday long runs

Who’s interested in attending the club Sunday runs (8am@ABC) this winter? Are you training for a particular race?

I’m asking b/c we are considering posting a long run schedule for the next few months that targets one or two early spring longer races (like Rock n Roll). If there is interest, I’ll post a schedule for marathon and/or half marathon.

Also, the Sunday long runs are a great way to train for the MDRRCA Club Challenge 10 miler (February 26)- a PGRC team event.

Gary runs 54 miles!

Congratulations to Gary on finishing the Stone Mill 50M this weekend (and we hear the course was a mere 4 miles long).


Congratulations to the PGRC finishers at the MCM Marathon and 10K this weekend.   Photos at


Natalie Bailey 4:21:38
Michael Cohen 3:52:52
Mahasin El-Amin 5:35:15
Keith Gregorczyk 4:52:26
Valerie Grasso 6:06:28
Josh Hamlin 3:47:53
Alvin Lee 4:12:20
Lavonda Lyons 6:06:29
Amy Marquardt 4:51:39
Prisca Mpanda 4:02:34
Nick Panebianco 4:31:18
Gary Paradee 4:27:03
Nicole Roberts 4:38:36
Dave Roeder 4:08:59
Kristy Seitz 6:06:43
Lydia Shell 4:32:04
Andrea Teyssier 5:13:02
Joann Thomas 5:58:28
Dave Vause 5:05:55
Lucy Younes 6:15:42


Ronnette Thompson 1:04:27
Erika Monroe 1:12:22
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