Question of the week: Do you wear a hat when you run?

This week’s question comes from blog reader Chris, who wants to know about your hat-wearing habits.  Do you wear a hat for running?  In what seasons?  Do you prefer a certain type or brand?






4 Responses

  1. I always have big hair so hats don’t always fit me. But, I do wear either hats or ear bands in the winter. My favorite hat is a knit number I got from the Parks Half Marathon. I actually can’t find it, which is annoying. I also have a Nike fleece hat that keeps my head warm without making my head too hot. The baseball cap-type hats don’t fit over my hair, so I stick to visors in the warmer months. I’m sure this was no help at all. LOL

  2. I bought an Adidas white baseball-style hat that I really like. It isn’t hot, but the visor helps keep sun out of my eyes and my hair under control. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop sweat very well. But I’ve gotten used to wearing a hat when I run and when I forget to take it with me I miss it. I’m okay with knit hats in cold weather, but I really like having the brim.

  3. Love my hats! Baseball cap all year long to catch sweat and keep the sun at bay. Once it gets really cold, I wear a lined fleece hat to again, help catch and evaporate the sweat. Wearing hats is also a great way to protect hair from the damaging rays of the sun.

  4. I tend to overheat when wearing a hat. I wear a baseball hat with bill in the rain if its less than 40 F. Otherwise, its a beanie that can cover my ears in temps less than about 25 F.

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