5/24 UMD Track Workout

Join us at the UMD track next Tuesday for a 1 mile time trial plus more (led by Kent).  Visitors and newcomers welcome.  Here’s the schedule. 

6:30pm Warmup plus…
6:30 to 7:00: Register for the 1-mile presummer time trial. Write your name & bib number on the clip board paper.

7:00: Run the 1-mile time trial. Perhaps late this summer or early fall we will have another time trial for a comparison of your results.

7:15 Workout- Intervals with 3 minutes jogging/walking breaks between each repeat: 1 x 8 minutes, 1 x 7 minutes, 1 x 6 minutes

7:45: Fartlek cool down. We’ll divide into 3 groups (slow, slower, and pokey) for this fun way to cool down.

More info on PGRC’s Tuesday track night


One Response

  1. Thank you Kent for organizing the 1-mile time trial, and Lydia for helping with the timing.

    It was fun, and I’m already looking forward to doing it again later in the year (maybe after a few more track workouts to counter the usual long runs).a

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