Question of the week: Hydration systems

Club member Steve asks–

“I am wondering what people use and would recommend for a hydration system.  I have run w/ a camelback, but it is time for me to replace it and I’m wondering what to replace it with.  The advantage is that it can hold a large volume of fluid which is great for long runs in the summer heat.  But… I’ve never run with anything else and I wonder what feedback or recommendations others would have on what they use.”

Since PGRC”s marathon training program is starting this Sunday, and the participants will be required to carry fluids, other club members will be also be seeking recommendations.

Please comment below regarding your preferred hydration system.


5 Responses

  1. Camelback all the way for me. I don’t like the bouncing of belts and I refuse to carrying anything in my hands.

  2. Like Gary…I also hate running with something in my hands. I tried the belt once and took it off after about 10 minutes. I’d go with camelback.

  3. Thank you for posting this question.

    I recently purchased a Nathan hydration vest. From early results, I will like it much better than my old old platypus (which I liked) and newer Camelbak (which I didn’t).

    The Nathan is made specifically for runners. It is very light weight, the fabric is comfortable, the vest has 4 front pockets for easy access to gels, powders, ipods, etc. Also, it is easy to remove the “bladder” (they gotta think of a new name for that) and clean it.

    Mine is only 70 oz, so I will have to plan long summer runs to include stops so I can refill it. But the thing is very comfortable–I don’t feel like I’m wearing a backpack.

    The vest is smaller than the camebaks; I’m hoping the smaller size and mesh fabric will make this better for hot summer runs.

    • Hi…this is good information, as I am about to purchase one. I currently run with two different fuel belts,..and both aren’t conducive to long runs. Can anyone recommend a specific Camelback or Nathan hydration sys?

      • Yvette

        I’ve now done a few loonngg runs w/ my Nathan pack, and I love it (though I’m wondering if I would have preferred the 100 oz model).

        Mine is a Nathan HPL 020. I bought it at potomac river running in Rockville (and they give a 10 pct discount for PGRC members). Still more expensive than some of the other systems but to me it was well worth the cost (because of the comfort factor).

        Many hydration systems are made primarily for biking. Probably better to shop at a running store than an outdoor or sporting good store.

        Good luck. I hope you find one that works great for you.

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