UMD 1 mile time trial results

May 24, 2011


     1)    Lloyd Rawley                 6:06
     2)    Steve Neumann             6:08
     3)    Chris Larsen                  6:14
     4)    Garry Paradee               6:53
     5)    John Ramsey                6:53
     6)    Ed Killingsworth            7:08
     7)    Steve Hill                      7:16
     8)    Wendy Guyton              7:20
     9)    Elaine Bond                  7:24
     10)   Alex Tran                      7:30
     11)   Christina Justice           7:30
     12)   Walter Hill                    7:39
     13)   Michelle Healy              7:53
     14)   John Giamalva              8:01
     15)   Kate Green                   8:08
     16)   Margaret Lo Hing          8:21
     17)   Amanda Mercer            8:42
     18)   Andrea Teyssier            8:45
     19)   Laurie Fisher                 8:48
     20)   Wanda Sims                 8:57
     21)   Cassandra Logan          9:20
     22)   Paul Mason                  9:21
     23)   Mahasin El-Amin           9:37
     24)   Clare Imholtz                 9:39
     25)   Talisha Saddler             9:58
     26)   Glenda Martin               10:02
     27)   Lucy Younes                10:12
     28)   Patti Jennings               10:14
     29)   Erika Monroe                10:42
     30)   Virginia Fromel             11:23
     31)   Ebony Hinnant              14:39
     32)   Tiffany Dawkins            14:40

5/24 UMD Track Workout

Join us at the UMD track next Tuesday for a 1 mile time trial plus more (led by Kent).  Visitors and newcomers welcome.  Here’s the schedule. 

6:30pm Warmup plus…
6:30 to 7:00: Register for the 1-mile presummer time trial. Write your name & bib number on the clip board paper.

7:00: Run the 1-mile time trial. Perhaps late this summer or early fall we will have another time trial for a comparison of your results.

7:15 Workout- Intervals with 3 minutes jogging/walking breaks between each repeat: 1 x 8 minutes, 1 x 7 minutes, 1 x 6 minutes

7:45: Fartlek cool down. We’ll divide into 3 groups (slow, slower, and pokey) for this fun way to cool down.

More info on PGRC’s Tuesday track night

Training Programs – Running Start, Marathon, Half-Marathon

Want to run a marathon or half-marathon, or perhaps your first 5K?
PGRC is offering three different training programs this spring/summer.  Registration is now open for all programs.  Here are the direct links for each program. These programs may fill quickly, so be sure to sign up soon. 

Question of the week: Hydration systems

Club member Steve asks–

“I am wondering what people use and would recommend for a hydration system.  I have run w/ a camelback, but it is time for me to replace it and I’m wondering what to replace it with.  The advantage is that it can hold a large volume of fluid which is great for long runs in the summer heat.  But… I’ve never run with anything else and I wonder what feedback or recommendations others would have on what they use.”

Since PGRC”s marathon training program is starting this Sunday, and the participants will be required to carry fluids, other club members will be also be seeking recommendations.

Please comment below regarding your preferred hydration system.

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