National Marathon

Many PGRCers participated in yesterday’s National Marathon, Half Marathon, and Relay.   And the PGRC group at the mile 15 aid station, led by Yvette Lumpkins, did a fantastic job of keeping the marathoners hydrated and motivated for the second half of the race.  Here’s a partial listing of yesterday’s finishers- I know I’m missing a bunch of people so please comment below with your name and finish time and I’ll add you to the list. 


4:21:12  Elaine Bond           

4:14:46  Cindy Cohen 

4:46:37  David Ferris    

3:53:31  Gary Paradee     

5:33:56  Lydia Shell               


Half marathon

2:22:09 Kianna Banks          

2:33:01 Dave Bennett

2:33:04 Karen Braxton      

2:54:14 Valerie Grasso        

1:59:19  Patricia Jennings          

1:49:34  Christopher Larsen    

2:21:48 Margaret Lo Hing      

2:32:22 Amanda Mercer         

2:52:21 Olubunmi Odumade      

2:33:10 Nicole Roberts    

2:42:30 Marsie Ross           

1:53:21  Jason Ross 

2:21:44 Wanda Sims            

1:59:02  Janice Uthe           

2:19:09 Kathy Zentek


2:44:00 Anne Byrnes and team

2:15:43 Patricia Clark, Deirdre Francis, Earnest White (Team XLR8)



3 Responses

  1. Kathy Zentek 2:19:09

  2. Congratulations to all the National and Shamrock Marathoners and Half-Marathoners. You do PCRC proud!

  3. You guys are awesome and your times are amazing! Great job, everyone.

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