2011 Goals

What are your running goals for this year?  Share them here (the more specific you can make your goals, the better) and we’ll check back quarterly to see how you are doing (and give you an opportunity to change or revise your goals).   And perhaps a get-together in early 2012 to celebrate our achievements. 

Some ideas to consider for goals– of course pace (i.e. run a 5K in 25 minutes), distance (i.e. run a marathon), and other achievement (i.e. winning age group) are popular goals. 

Or how about training goals like mileage (say 20 miles per week),  attend 20 track workouts or 10 Bowie am runs this year, run speed or hill or tempo workouts every other week, join a training program, follow a training plan, cross training/triathlon, keep a running log, or healthy eating goals.

Or participate in a race series (such as the MDRRCA series, the Buddy Attick fun runs, or the Women’s Distance Festival Series), run a destination race, run a new route once per week, or run with faster or slower runners once per week.

Then there are “giving back to the sport/club” goals like volunteer for races, or as a pace coach in a training program, recruit club members, help with trail maintenance, learn race timing, volunteer with the PGRC board or to help manage a race, or post to the PGRC blog.   

These are just a few ideas, there are many more possibilities.  We hope you will share your personal goals, and then work to achieve them!


18 Responses

  1. Ok, I’ll go first, here are my goals for this year.

    For the National Marathon, I have 3 levels of time goals, (1) beat last year’s time of 4:06 (2) sub 4:00 (3) 3:50 (Boston Qualifying time).
    Similarly for 5K (1) Sub 23:00 (last year’s best 23:05ish) (2) sub 22:30 (3) sub 22:00. Other goals are to average 5 aerobic workouts per week (running + biking + elliptical etc), and 2 yoga and weight sessions per week. And to keep the UMD track workouts going (and I welcome your suggestions regarding the track workouts). And my most challenging, to participate in a Back on My Feet run once per week (challenging b/c they start at 5:45 am).

    • Good luck w/ the BOMF. I have what started to be something of a volunteer gig w/ someone in recovery who needed a running partner. It turns out, that run is a highlight in my week. She thanks me, but I know it means much more to me than her.

  2. My goals are:
    -Run a 2:10 in the National Half, though I’m going to shoot for 2:10 at the Mardi Gras Half on 2/13. If I do that, I’ll reset my National goal down.
    -Run a 5K in <28:00 first, and then shoot to get below 27:00 by the end of the year.
    -Improve my sprint triathlon (750m-ish swim, 20K bike, 5K run) time to 1:45 by improving on all sports, transitions, and having a good strategy.
    -Finish the NYC Olympic Tri (which is 1500m, 40K, 10K).

  3. Cindy, it would be so very cool if you could qualify for Boston at National.

  4. My goals are:
    – to finish a marathon in 4:30, originally planned for the National Marathon but my training has been off, so will shoot for that on the MCM.
    – to speed up my 10 mile time to 1:25 or so
    – to finally get an official half marathon time of under 2 hours.

    And lastly to just keep enjoying running : )

  5. My goals are:

    – Run 2-3 Full Marathons this year
    – Set a new PR in the Marathon. I’m aiming for 3:40 at national and maybe even 3:30 for the fall marathons
    – PR in the HM so 1:45 or less
    -22:30 or less in the 5k
    – Speed up my mile time, maybe less than 6:45

  6. Run under a 21:00 5K (for second year in row).
    Run under 6 minute mile (for 4th year in row)
    Run 10 miles under 1 hour 20 minutes

  7. Short term:
    – to become more consistent in my running workouts.

    – to complete my 5K graduation race under 40 mintues.

    Long term:
    – to complete at least one marathon

  8. -Run at least 300 miles this year, but shooting for 500.
    -Out for Blood 5K in March.
    – St. Charles 10 miler in April.
    -Dreaded Druid Hills in Baltimore.
    -Run for Wildlife 10K in November.

    *Hoping to sign up for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon and possibly the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon (just need to see how my legs respond to mileage greater than 10 miles).

  9. My short-term goal is to get back into a 3-day-a-week running routine. This winter I’ve done nothing but hibernate.

    My mid-term goal is to be ready to start the 10-K training program in September. By then I want to be able to run all or most of a 5K without walking (no matter how slowly).

  10. Great morning!
    My goals for 2011 is to complete my first 5k (yayyy!!), build muscle, lose 30 pounds, run all year and to stay committed to the running group. Thy will be done. I also am interested in becoming a pace leader in the future.

  11. Yeesh! Some of these goals are…yeesh! LOL My 2011 goals include a 2:30 half (Shamrock) and a 1:50 ten-miler (Cherry Blossom). I’m competing in my first triathlon in August, so my goals for that are to not panic in the open water and to finish. My workout goals (after the Cherry Blossom) include 2 runs, 2 swims, 2 bike sessions, and 2 weight sessions each week. I’m working on figuring out combinations now, since there are only 7 days in a week. 🙂

  12. 1. Just keep with it. Low miles, slow miles, whatever. Just get out the door.

    2. I turn 49 this year. Celebrate by covering 49 miles in a day (run and walk)–perhaps Cumberland to Woodmont on the C&O Canal.

    I had goal #2 last year (48) but didn’t train enough to even attempt it (work travel, excessive heat, not a real commitment to doing it). Jan, Feb, Mar goal is to maintain a consistent base that keeps the possibility open.

  13. * Rehab recently broken wrist
    * Rehab previously torn rotator cuffs
    * Rework previous calf injury and hip weakness
    * Avoid re-fracturing foot
    * Possibly run some

  14. My goals are to recommit to the running club once I deliver by 3rd child in June. (I miss running a lot, I miss the club runs too).

    I will do a 5K in the summer and be ready for the 10K training program in September.

    My long-term goal is to get back into shape to run a half marathon (to beat my 2007 half marathon time).

  15. My 2011 goals:
    -to be more consisent with my running
    -to run at least 4 days a week
    -to complete a 5K

  16. My 2011 goals include:
    * recommit to Tuesday track nights (must cram it in – it’s worth it!)
    * swim 2x week
    * bike 3x week
    * run 3x week
    * complete Shamrock half injury-free in March
    * complete North Olympic Discovery Half injury-free (and hopefully slightly faster than Shamrock) in June
    * complete first tri – Columbia Iron Girl – in August; just want to finish
    * complete first century ride – Sea Gull Century – in October; just want to finish

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