Saturday Long Run Schedule

Hi everyone. For those of you who prefer to do your long runs on Saturday, below is the schedule of long runs. All runs begin at 8 a.m. This training schedule is based on running a Spring Half Marathon or 10 miler. You may choose to run shorter or longer distances on these days.

In addition to the long runs, you should shoot to run 2 other days during the week at a distance of 4-5 miles. You should also incorporate speed work into one of these runs. (See Cindy’s posts regarding the weekly track workouts.)

For the Bowie Runs, Please park BEHIND Starbucks, in the large lot in front of Giant.

Feel free to post comments.

29-Jan-11     8 miles      Bowie – Rte 450 Starbucks (15480 Annapolis Road)

5-Feb-11      10 miles     Bowie – Rte 450 Starbucks

12-Feb-11    12 miles     Bowie – Rte 450 Starbucks

19-Feb-11    10 miles    Atlanta Bread Company (5506 Cherrywood Lane, Greenbelt)

26-Feb-11    12 miles    Atlanta Bread Company (5506 Cherrywood Lane, Greenbelt)

5-Mar-11      13 miles    TBA

12-Mar-11    10 miles   TBA

19-Mar-11      8 miles    Greenbelt Park (if running Shamrock, then off)

20-Mar-11     Shamrock Half Marathon

26-Mar-11     National Half Marathon

Happy Running!


Snowy track workout

A scene from last night’s UMD track workout.  Half the group had already left by this time but the group that stayed managed to get in 3 six minute repeats before calling it a night. 

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