Question of the week: 2010 review

How was your 2010 running year? 

Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself in January?  In case you forgot, some of you shared yours here 😉

Share your 2010 running best (and worst) moments here.


5 Responses

  1. 2010 was a good year for me. I achieved my best race times since about 2007. Ran about 1300 miles total- my highest mileage in a single year. Finished my longest distance race yet- Bull Run Run 50M. Ranked 2nd in my age group in the MCRRC Championship and XC race series (ok, only 2-3 runners even qualified, but who’s counting ;-). Also had my first 2 DNFs ever, but was really ok with it. I’m really happy to see the great attendance at the UMD track workouts this year- and am proud of the PRs and improvements many of you have achieved. And I really appreciate all of my running buddies who encouraged and motivated me this past year.

  2. This year started out with a bang and ended with a fizzle. Did pretty well (for me) at the Shamrock Half, regained some of my “speed” and felt good all around. I missed the GW Parkway 10-miler due to stupid allergies and LOTS of rain. I really enjoyed being a pace leader with the Running Starters and had a pretty good time at their graduation 5k. Then, it all fell apart. I stopped running as much as I had been. Part of it was the heat and part of it was my ankle bothering me. I was also focusing on strength training. I still went ahead with the Army 10-miler, though I hadn’t trained well. Hit the wall at Mile 5 and struggled to finish. My ankle was pretty shot after that, and so was my love of running. I took a break for a while, probably too long. I’m just starting to get back into it, as I have to prepare for the Shamrock and the Cherry Blossom. Even got the nutty idea to sign up for a triathlon. We’ll see how this goes….

    Cindy, you rock!

  3. My year was the opposite of Cass’s. I started with two disappointing races, a half and a 10-mile, but I went on to have a really good year — I improved my time in almost every race that I’d also done the year before. For this I thank Cindy and Kent and everyone else at the speed workouts on Tuesday nights.
    My goals for 2011 are the same as 2010: PR a half and a 10 mile; run a 5k in under 30 mins; and keep running with PGRC. Thank you all for making ours a great club.

  4. I am happy because I joined in April and did more running then ever before and participated in 2 great training programs. I learned a lot about the mentality that goes with running or exercise period. It is a focal point that is important to acknowledge. I guess I am just happy I started. I will see where 2011 takes me as far as distance. YAAAY PGRC!!

  5. Yes, I accomplished my two goals. Running under a 6:00 minute mile (5:52), and running under 21:00 5K (20:30 at the Bowie 5K). Highlights also included having my wife (Philippa) and two kids (Linus and Baxter) run in several races all together.

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