Question of the week: cold weather tips

Fifteen runners came out for last evening’s frigid UMD track workout.  Kudos to Kate, Andrea, Valerie, Juanita, Lydia, Cindy, Gwen, Ed, John, Tim, Gene, Dan, Gary, Dave B and Dave F, for braving the elements.   We donned hats, gloves, multiple layers, wool socks, and facemasks, and ducked into the heated locker rooms periodically to warm up, but still we managed to get in a full track workout.  Ed was last evening’s winner of the “I’m crazier than Elaine” award for wearing shorts. 

Since all of the PGRC weekly runs will continue year-round, hope you’ll share some tips with your fellow runners for surviving, and even enjoying, winter running.


6 Responses

  1. Haha, I really do like the “Crazier than Elaine” Award.

    In terms of tips. I would say it’s all about layering and gloves. I ran last night and I was fine with my the 3 layers I had. My fingers stay the coldest the longest so I would recommend getting good gloves or ones that work best for you.

    I would also recommend bringing water with you in some form, even though it’s super cold out, you still need to hydrate especially on the longer runs.

    If the roads are icy or we get a lot of snow, maybe look into getting cleat or yak-trak attachments for your shoes, it will give you more traction.

  2. Seconded on the “Crazier than Elaine” award! 😉 Too funny.

    So, my pros at staying warm, what should I do about my legs. They NEVER warm up and are always numb when we run in the cold. How many layers is too much? I’m just weird. 🙂

    Great tips on hydration, too, Gary. That’s so important and easy to forget when it’s not hot out. You’re still sweating!

    • Kim, I have a pair of fleece-lined running pants (Brooks Utopia) that work pretty well. Also, windpants on top of tights on really cold and windy days. When it was 8 degrees out a few year ago, I wore 2 pairs of tights + windpants and was plenty warm for slow jogging (and too hot for faster running).

  3. wow, you all are amazing!

  4. Don’t you hate shivering at the start of your run even though you know you’ll heat up after the first mile or two? A couple of tricks–(1) run the first mile or two with extra layers on and then loop back to your home or car to store those extra layers (2) warmup in your home or gym with a treadmill/stationary bike/exercise video/jump rope/etc before heading outside for your run. (3) if you are driving to your run, crank up the heat in the car so you are super toasty before starting your run.

    Lightweight hats/gloves/scarves that you can stow in a pocket or camelbak are great for long runs as temperatures may change over the course of your run.

  5. If you sweat alot (like me), careful not to run the heat in your car too high/too long. One time I over did it and when I got out of my car, I was more cold than I would have been otherwise because I was wet and clammy.

    I am so thankful for PGRC! I would probably not run in the cold if I did not have folks to run with. With PGRC, all I need is a hat, gloves and a couple of layers. We are in it together. (-:

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