National/Shamrock Marathon/Half Training

A number of PGRC members plan to run the National and Shamrock Marathon and Half Marathons, March 2011.   Please reply to this post to let us know if you are training for either of these races (or other marathons/halfs in early spring 2011) so we can train together. 

Marathon long runs will take place on Sundays.  Half marathon long runs may be Saturday and/or Sunday (let us know your preference).  Also if you have a goal race pace (or current race pace), mention that too so we can try to coordinate training partners.


21 Responses

  1. I am training for the National Marathon. I can do long runs on either Saturday or Sunday. I would like to do National in 4:30 or less. Might be a bit ambitious but why not : )

  2. I haven’t registered yet, but I may go back to Va Beach for the Shamrock. Long runs on either day would work for me. It would be great if there were long runs on both days so members would have options. I’m still shooting for my 2:30 HM goal. I was 3 mins over this past March. I’ll also be triathlon training, so I have to figure out how to do both (it might not make a difference, but I don’t know).

  3. I signed up for Shamrock half. I would prefer Saturday runs. I am aiming to finish under 2:30

  4. I have signed up for the National Half. Either Saturday or Sunday runs work for me.

  5. I’m training for National Marathon. I don’t have a preference for which day. I’m just used to Sunday long runs. I want to finish somewhere between 3:30-3:40. I know that’s kind of ambitious, but why not shoot for the stars.

    @Lydia – You’ve got this sub 4:30 for sure. We’ll reassess after Philly too.

  6. I just registered for the Shamrock Half and am really looking forward to it! I haven’t been running with the club recently, but would love to join in on some training runs on Saturdays. Thanks!

  7. I have to sign up for the Shamrock Half again and, like Cass, also will be training for my first TRI (in August, though, so we have time). 🙂

    I like the option of having runs both days just because my schedule is kind of crazy right now. So then whichever day works, I could drop in and know there will be people there.

    Also, we should create a schedule and see if we can rotate locations a bit so we’re not always in Greenbelt.

    • I can come up with a half marathon long run schedule unless someone else wants to do so (i’m very happy to let someone else do it ;-). I’ll leave it to others who are training for the half to select the locations.

  8. I plan to run the National marathon with a goal of 3:50. Sunday ABC long runs with Dave and friends.

  9. I’m in for the National Half (and really excited!), and plan to run with the Sunday group. My dream is to finish in 2:10ish.

  10. I’m in for Shamrock and prefer Saturday runs (although I might be able to make a few Sunday runs). Switching the locations is a great idea. Running new/different trails gave us something to look forward to last winter, although they all looked the same since they were consistently covered in snow and/or ice. 🙂 Definitely praying for a warmer training season this year.

  11. DC half is goal race. Planning to run 2:15
    I will run 70% of the time on Sat and join the “long run crew” on Sun for the other 30%
    I am partial to rotating locations, but it is not required.

  12. I am planning to trian for the Shamrock half marathon although I have not signed up yet. I would prefer Saturday morning long runs. M goal is to finish in 2:30 or less.

  13. Either Saturday or Sunday will work for me.

  14. I’ve signed up for the Shamrock Half, and could do long runs either Saturday or Sunday. My goal is to finish 2:30 or faster.

  15. I’m signed up for the National Marathon and plan to run the Sunday long runs. Keeping my fingers crossed for a slightly milder winter this year 🙂

  16. I am still deciding on the Shamrock Marathon, but want to start training anyway. I prefer long runs on Saturdays and the earlier the better. Rotating locations would make things more interesting, especially when we get to the 15 plus mile runs. My goal is 5:15 or less.

  17. I’m signed up for Boston on April 18. My goal is 3:30.

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