Inaugural Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half roundup

Great to see such a nice turnout at today’s inaugural Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon! Congrats to the finishers – UPDATE: MORE names added! (Thanks to Karen B. for reminding me that I saw a few other faces!):

Name              City               St Nettime Guntime
Lydia Shell       Bowie              MD 2:06:46 2:07:54

Lanette Anderson  Landover Hills     MD 2:20:08 2:22:22

Patricia Clark    Bowie              MD 2:23:46 2:26:15

Sharlene Deskins  Seabrook           MD 2:24:53 2:27:07

Wanda Sims        Beltsville         MD 2:31:16 2:33:45

Melissa Garrison  Fort Washington    MD 2:46:46 2:49:58

Kianna Banks      District Heights   MD 2:46:47 2:49:58

Laurie Fisher     Hyattsville        MD 2:54:26 2:56:32

Lucy Younes       Hyattsville        MD 2:54:25 2:56:32

Sheila Green      Temple Hills       MD 3:27:26 3:30:38

And these are just the folks we saw at the race, so if you ran please let me know and I’ll add you to the finisher’s list!

Also a big two thumbs up to beer garden volunteers Dan Grasso, Margaret Lo Hing, Cassandra Logan and Jason van Brecht. Thanks guys!

As a bonus, a few of us hanging out/cleaning up after most of the crowd cleared got a treat – we met Catherine Ndereba, an Olympian and the top female winner, who finished in 1:13:17! (No wonder she has been called the “greatest woman marathoner of all time.”) She was very sweet and put up with a lot of pictures from curious/geeky running fans, including US!

From left: Me'Lissa, Margaret, Catherine, Darnell, Kim and Cass.


6 Responses

  1. I can’t tell you how great it was to see you guys at the end of the race. Cass gave me my medal : ) and Kim and Jason were there to offer the beer that I couldn’t stomach to drink. Thanks to all the volunteers!

  2. Love the pic- that’s so cool – Ndereba is a running legend! Congrats runners, and thanks volunteers.

  3. This was my first half marathon, and it was a great experience. Ran with my training partner, Wanda, who helped me through my pre-race anxiety. The race got better when I saw my fellow PGRC family (Margaret and Cass) as I crossed the finish line and received my medal from them. Kim also, working hard at the beer truck. Lots of hugs and congratulations, made it memorable. Thanks for volunteering.

  4. Tricia, you did great! Congrats on your first half! 🙂

    Lydia, you did an amazing job! What’s up next, O Queen of Fall Races?

  5. Thanks Kim.

    I am supposed to do a 10K on Saturday but I think I am going to pass so I can rest and concentrate on my marathon training but I still have the Baltimore Marathon relay, Army 10 miler and Marine Corp Marathon on tap prior to the Philly Marathon : )

  6. I really enjoyed the first WW Half Marathon. My girl Tricia did the darn thing. Tricia – great job on your first half with many more to come. What a beautiful day for a run. We all complain about the Greenbelt Hills but I must say they prepared us for the Big Hill at the end of the race. Now the stones and gravel – that’s another story. The guy who planned the route intentionally put the gravel down. What was he thinking? In looking at the results I noticed most of the runners were from VA. Hopefully next year PGRC will have a half marathon training program so more PGRCers can participate.

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