Weekend race roundup

Many PGRCers were out racing a variety of distances this weekend- Parks Half Marathon, Frederick Mile, and VHTRC’s Women’s Trail Half Marathon- among others.  Did you race? – Post your race report here.  Here are some results.

Parks Half Marathon

Gary Paradee
Kimberly Brooks
Lydia Shell
Natalie Bailey    
Sharlene Deskins
Deon Merene
Olubunmi Odumade

VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run

22 Julia Snyder 2:04:56

65 Cindy Cohen 2:21:40



3 Responses

  1. I did the following two races this weekend:

    Arlington 9-11 Memorial 5K – 25:08 new PR : )
    Parks Half Marathon – 2:09:47

  2. The half marathon trail race was awesome as always- great weather and some challenging trails. I was able to draw on my experience running the 50M on the same trails as well as summer 5Ks to get me through the final third (thought process– I ran a 50 I can finish this, and this pace feels way easier than 5K). Quads are still sore though from the punishing downhills…

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