Question of the week: Fall race plans

Summer is coming to an end, the days are getting shorter (but hopefully cooler); school is back in session; and the fall racing season will be getting underway.  For many runners, that means cross country races, fall marathons and half marathons, or maybe 5k’s, 10k’s, or 10 milers.  What races are on your calendar this fall?


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  1. I am planning the following:
    Steamtown Marathon, Scranton, PA
    Baltimore Half Marathon
    Marine Corps Marathon

    I am tired already 🙂

  2. So far, just two:
    Diva’s Half Marathon (Oct. 3 – in Long Island, NY)
    Army 10-Miler (Oct. 24)

    Probably will add in more as we go along — considering:
    Jug Bay 10k
    Jingle Bell All the Way 10k

  3. Definite:
    VHTRC women’s trail half marathon (9/11)

    PGRC’s Bowie Run for a Cause (10/9)

    Help me decide:
    Run through the Grapevine 8K XC (11/7)- PGRC team or Potomac Heritage Trail 50K ????

    Possible (as many of these as possible):
    MCRRC races –Cross country series- Lake Needwood 10k (9/25), Little Bennett 5k (10/10), Black Hill 10K (10/23), Frozen Slopes 6k (12/4). Also, Candy Cane 5k (11/13), Turkey Burnoff 10M (11/27), Jingle Bell 8k (12/12). These are really fun high quality, low-key, low-priced races, if anyone wants to run any with me.

    I’d like to run a fall ultra, but there are so many shorter races I’d like to run. And I’m not in shape for that long stuff. We’ll see….I’ll probably end up doing at least one.

  4. Wow Nick and Cindy! Right now I just have the Army 10-miler and I think the Jingle All the Way (I’m pretty sure that will be the 10K program graduation race). I want to do a half, possibly Richmond or Atlantic City.

    The Run through the Grapevine last year was very muddy, hilly and slippery – not a great combination. It rained the entire morning so everything was icky. I didn’t really enjoy it. Maybe on a dry day…

  5. Update– I registered for Stone Mill 50M (Nov 20) yesterday.

  6. I’m thinking about these:
    Aug 28 PGRC WDF, the most important to me.
    Sept 11, Frederick Mile, I have never done a one-mile race, so maybe it is time.
    Sept 19 Zack’s Run at the University of Maryland, a nice 5k.
    Sept 26 Bachman Valley Half-Marathon, I probably should skip this one.
    Oct 2 Larry Noel, always a challenge.
    Oct 9 Run for a Cause, PGRC!
    And that’s as far as I’ve got, although I’m hoping to do the Bread Run in December (and hoping for better conditions than 2009). To my great disappointment I will be out of town on the weekend of my favorite race, Run Through the Grapevine.

  7. So far just VHTRC woman’s half (Sept 11),

    but looking foward to some crisp fall days.

  8. So far, Parks Half in September and Jug Bay 10k in November. Now that I see all the races everyone else is running, I will probably run a few more.

  9. I just want to see how running will feel in the cool to cold weather. I have never done that before. I would like to run a race with one of my faster pace buddies to push me. I am aiming to do a 5K and another 10K this Fall/Winter. Can’t say when though.

  10. I forgot to respond to this, sorry.

    My fall line up is as follows:

    9/11/2010 – Arlington 9/11 Memorial 5K
    9/12/2010 – Parks Half Marathon
    9/19/2010 – Wilson Bridge Half
    9/25/2010 – Clarendon Day 10K
    10/16/2010 – Baltimore Marathon Relay
    10/24/ 2010 – Army 10 miler
    10/31/2010 – MCM 10K
    11/21/2010 – Philly Marathon (my first!!!)
    11/25/2010 – Turkey Trot 5K
    12/31/2010 – Fairfax Four Miler

  11. Lydia, is the Turkey Trot the one at Greenbelt Park? I might do that this year if I’m here.

  12. er… Buddy Attick — Greenbelt Youth Center I mean. I think it’s the same course as our summer runs.

  13. I was planning to do the one in DC, the So Others Might Eat (SOME) one. But I would love to do one closer. I will look into that one.

  14. 7 marathons so far this year and want to get 15. erie, towpath, cape cod, rhode island 6hr, rehobeth for sure and will ass a few more that fit in- would try to fit in jug bay if i can just because i like that race-

  15. Lots of cool stuff everyone is doing. Julia- So glad you are doing the trail 1/2- you will really like it (just don’t feast at the aid stations like I’ve done a few times). Wow Lydia – that’s a lot of races to do, esp during marathon training! And Larry, well just incredible!

  16. Just got into the Marine Corp Marathon!

  17. Awesome, Lydia! So are you doing that INSTEAD of the other marathon or in addition to?

    I just signed up for the MCM10k on the same day as the marathon. So I might see you there! Just know I’m cheering you on – even if you don’t see me!


  18. I am doing it in addition to Philly : )

    Cool! Thank you!

  19. I’m really leaning towards the Richmond Half. Not too far and the price is pretty good. Any takers?

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