Question of the week: advice for new runners

What one piece of advice would you give to new runners?  

Whether you’ve only been running for a short while (i.e. Running Starters., that means you!), or you’ve been running for years, surely you’ve learned something from your own experience, or from watching others, or maybe from a coach, a running buddy, or a book that has made a difference in your running.


3 Responses

  1. Here’s my one piece of advice- add variety to your training. Vary the pace and the distance you run each day, and take at least one easy or rest day between hard efforts. Try a different route, terrain or a new race distance; run with friends, cross train and have fun. By adding in variety, you’ll stay mentally fresh, physically strong, and hopefully injury free.

  2. The Nike line — Just Do it!

    It is easy to find excuses or procrastinate, but if you can move yourself past that, you can achieve some surprising things!

  3. When I first started running, for me, controlling my breathing was the hardest part. I was always out of breath! To help control my breathing (in addition to becoming more conditioned), I would count my breaths with my footfalls — a technique I read about probably in Runner’s World. So it’d be something like “in – 2, 3; out – 2, 3; in – 2, 3; out – 2, 3.” Do what count works best for you but try to lengthen it – adding more footfalls – as you go along.

    It’s funny how running seems like such a simple exercise, but to improve you really have to focus!

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