Question of the week: favorite running websites

There are so many great running websites, what are your favorites?

Here’s a few I like: (great source for local race listings, race results, and more) (kind of a facebook for athletes, but i like it because it tracks my – and your- race results) (ultra calendar listing with ratings of terrain and surface)  (great race and training pace calculator)

I also enjoy reading some personal running blogs, particularly some of the trail running blogs.

How about you?  What are you favorite running related websites?  And while your commenting, feel free to mention any ideas for content you’d like to see on, or this blog, or pgrc’s facebook site.


2 Responses

  1. I also like: (the running portion)
    although both have *tons* of information.

    I recently discovered: (though I am hardly on the web site itself, just follow them on facebook)

    All 3 of the above also have Facebook fan pages if one prefers that.

  2. Has anyone here tried I saw it in one of the women’s magazines, a couple of times, and eventually decided to check it out. I admit I’m not as fervent as I started out being. Some of it seems to be more drug- and “food product” – oriented for me (I’m a natural kinda gal). But I mention it because it was from SparkPeople that I found out about the Couch to 5K program, and so how I found my initial motivation to start running again. There are some boards that are pretty intriguing there, you can blog on the site, and there are also recipes (some better than others) as well as meal plans if you really, really want to be fanatical. I understand that there is a book out, which maybe launched the whole thing. I found the meal plans a little frustrating when I like to cook and tend toward vegetarian, but I still sometimes will grab a recipe and tweak it a little if it contains margarine or splenda or some food product stuff like that. I did like that it’s got an interface to a food analysis database too. I don’t know that the activity log measures up to some of the other options around on the web right now.

    Cool Running (which, if I’m not mistaken, IS now?) is my go-to web place, but I enjoy RunnersWorld.Com too. And I like finding new women’s running blogs a lot.

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