Belated Adventure Run scoop

Sorry for the delay in posting this — here’s how the Adventure Run, as told by Dave Ferris and Gary Paradee:


Well PGRC, we did it!

On July 3, 18 PGRC runners and friends, ran one or more of the 3-leg PGRC Adventure Run from Greenbelt to Annapolis.  And I declare it a super success!

The weather cooperated; the route bordered on risky in short section but all-in-all quite enjoyable.  And it is difficult to describe the joy and relief as Kim would appear periodically along the longest leg from Bowie to Annapolis with cool water, fruit and, of course, cupcakes!

Congratulations to all!  Here’s our best recollection of who ran each leg:
Leg 1 (ABC, Greenbelt to Glen Dale Splash Park – 6.6 miles):
Kim O.

Leg 2 (Splash Park to Bowie Starbucks – 4.6 miles):

Leg 3 (Starbucks to Annapolis Towne Center, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company – 11.2 miles):
Kim B.
Debbie (most of the way)

When we arrived at the Annapolis Towne Center, nine of us took over the outside dining area of Gordon Biersch Brewing Company.  That was mighty fine as we all refueled, replenished and shared stories about the just-completed adventure.  We’re already thinking about the next Adventure Run, probably in November, and would sure like to hear from you if you have any ideas.

I’d like to share a couple of personal thoughts & observations.

First, when Gary, Lydia & I started scheming up this adventure, I admit, I thought that I’d be able to count the participants on one hand and that I’d be the only one running the entire 22+ mile route.  Boy was I ever wrong!  Folks I ran with got tired of me saying over-and-over how overwhelmed I was with the turn-out.

Second, I love my daughter Colette, but Gary, bless his heart, is the son I never had.

I run a lot of miles with young Gary and I guess it is the Dad in me but as a parent, I want my son to be safe and experience life to its fullest.  Including learning life’s many lessons.  But we are torn: Do we teach our children those lessons?  Or do we let them make the foolish mistakes that we all made and learn the lessons for themselves?  Well Gary’s learning the lessons for himself.

At some level I feel like I am failing Gary as a pseudo-Dad.  Try, share, lecture, explain, & counsel as I might, I can’t seem to get thru to Gary.  Hydration.  Pace.  Stride.  Cadence.  Hills.  Mileage.  Basic things  You name it.  He insists on learning all those lessons for himself by ever repeating the same rookie mistakes.  Over and over.

Perhaps I’ll try to be more supportive of young Gary.  After all, he did run the entire route with me and the father-son psychology can complicate such matters.  I did notice that he was rather ragged when we finished.  Perhaps he pushed himself too hard as he struggled to achieve the unattainable, unrealistic & imagined standards that sons believe their Dads establish for their sons.

Anyway, way to go Gary – I’m proud of you!


Just wanted to add some of my notes on the adventure.

First of all it was a great adventure, I was also really surprised and thrilled by the turnout. When we were first scheming up this run, I honestly was expecting a handful of people doing the run, but I’m super ecstatic about the turnout.

The weather for the first 2 legs of the run were perfect, the last leg of the run was pretty good, but it was starting to get hot out there. So thank you Dave for doing whatever you did to allow for us to have that nice weather.

I can’t begin to thank Kim O., Cass, Amanda and all the other people who did some crewing for the runners on that day. It helped more than you know, especially on the third leg. At some points, I was just thinking, you just have to turn the corner and Kim and her wonderful car will be there. Definitely having shirts saying “I will run for Kim’s cupcakes” made.

I will admit the third leg was more of a struggle for me toward the end because of heat/trying to keep up Kim B. who btw is a running machine. Also, not having run that long in a while probably didn’t help, but we all finished and that’s all that matters. Major Congrats go out to Debbie who pretty much ran the whole thing.

Dave – You’re like my second running dad. My dad runs everyday, but he does short stuff — 3-4 miles every day just to stay fit. He’s nowhere near where you’re at, but I’m trying to convince my parents to do their first 5k this year. I think that we will continue to have our disagreements about running as that’s how the father/son dynamic is sometimes, but I will always take your advice because I aspire to be long distance runner like you.

I will admit, I have gotten better with my hydration since knowing both Cindy and Dave, but still not where it should. I’m finally taking your advice, going to look at a nice hydration belt. As for practicing of advice, I do listen to your advice, but I think sometimes I’m just used to doing things a certain way and sometimes my body/mind is just rebelling to change.

At the same time, It’s good for me to make those mistakes and learn for myself, but I know you and all parents want to prepare their kids for those kinds of situations, but experience is one of the best teaching tools. I equate it to hitting the wall in the marathon, people can tell you all about their experiences and you can read all out it in books, but you won’t really know what it feels like until your out there and experiencing it.

At the same time, I’m still a relatively new runner, so I still have lots to learn and a great family of runners to help me along the way. Can’t wait for the next adventure.

If you’re still with us at this point… who’s in for Adventure Run 2010, Part 2? 🙂

2 Responses

  1. I just want to clarify that I started leg 3 and bailed after 3 miles. My plan was to do 5 miles, but the heat and the scary narrow road shoulders felled me, so I hopped in the relief car. Thanks to Dave who tried to keep me distracted as we braved Rt. 450 in Crofton.

    I am in awe of the adventure runners. The fact that this was done for fun was both exciting and a little insane. 😉 I really enjoyed helping Kim with the water stops and the lunch at GB was lots of fun. (Side Note: the summer brew at GB was awesome!)

  2. You guys are too funny! One day Gary will have his own running “son” and will watch him make the same mistakes. Anyway, I enjoyed the run and was glad just to do the last part, especially because it ended at the restaurant! Dave, Gary, and Lydia did an awesome job of organizing. And Kim and Cass were superb with the cool drinks and fruit along the way. It was great to see so many people participate, especially some new people and some we haven’t seen in a while.
    I’m definitely interested in pt. 2.

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