Question of the week: What races are you running this summer?

Summertime is a great time for racing, there are numerous choices in the DC area, including PGRC’s own Thursday night summer series, and Women’s Distance Festival 5K and Run/Walk for Haiti 5K on August 28. 

Or maybe you are traveling this summer and running a race at your vacation destination?

So, what are YOUR summertime race plans??


4 Responses

  1. I have signed up to run my favorite 10-mile race, the Annapolis Ten Miler, or A-10 as it
    is commonly called. It has all of that make me want to leave my house at 5:45 am for a 7:30 am start time, and 5000 others must feel the same way because the race is always sold out
    in days: a 7:30 am start time in the Navy memorial stadium, a run over the Severn River Bridge, lots of hills, plenty of neighborhood spirit, a fast mile straightaway before the hill coming
    back over the bridge, and the awarding of
    the premium prize when you cross the finish line. And if that’s not enough, plenty
    of ice cold beer at the end! What’s not to love about this race? The race is always held on the last Sunday in August.

  2. I plan to run the Caribbean Sounds 10k, The Leesburg 20k culminating in the Parks Half Marathon in September. That’s all preparation for the two fall marathons, Baltimore and Philadelphia. I also plan to run the Bastille Day 4 mile, and as many of the Thursday summer runs at Buddy Attick park that I can get away with. I’m looking for a good long race (ten or 13.1 miles) to do on Sunday, August 29, because I missed and failed to sign up for Annapolis.

    That is, if everything goes well. The fall back plan is 50k trail races. Would love to do the adventure run on the 3 July, but I will be in Wisconsin unfortunately.

  3. I am planning on running four of the Women’s Distance Festival runs. I completed the Run for the Roses and will be running this Sunday in the Howard County Strider’s race in Columbia. The other two races with be our race and the race in Frederick, MD.

    I am also planning to run in the Fun Runs and the Poker Runs.

    Run Happy!

  4. I ran the Komen 5K Race for the Cure in early June, but I developed heat exhaustion, barely finished and ended up walking the last mile. It was my 7th time in this race, so I was a bit disappointed with my finish.

    I haven’t done much more outdoor running since, but I have recently joined a running group that formed at my local gym. I am registered to run the Navy 5 mile race in September. I am supposed to be going to Guam this month, but if it’s cancelled, I hope to find something else before the September race.

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