Cool and useful running accessories

A question came up on the club yahoogroup about how to carry a cell phone while running.  How do you carry your cell phone?  What running accessories have you found useful?


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  1. I got a larger ‘pocket’ for my fuel belt which fits a Droid phone (though it’s a tight fit if I also carry gel or things larger than ID, key, etc.) I’ve seen people with straps that fit on the arm. I would go to a sporting goods store, or search online stores (like ebay) for a holder for your specific phone.

  2. I take my iPhone with me on runs because I use one of the iPod arm bands. I like it because it is right “there” and I don’t have to do a lot to take it out and use it.

  3. I have one of these pocket belts: But there are other brands with similar concepts (Amphipod is one). I usually hate wearing stuff around my waist but this doesn’t bother me. I wear it under my shirt and it doesn’t bounce around when I run. And the pocket is very stretchy — can hold my keys and a snack too if doing a long run.

    Also, since we’re talking gear and stuff — make sure you’re carrying ID or have a Road ID ( on you or something. Yet another important thing to bring with you on your runs!

  4. Remember when cell phones used to be small? LOL

  5. I run with my iphone in my pockets. Finding shorts with zip up pockets, greatest day ever.

  6. I carry in a small plastic bag or ziplock bag with some or all of the following depending on what’s needed: my keys, my phone, ID, Bankcard and smarttrip card when I run home from work, or go anywhere very far. I usually bind it wit a rubber band or something and just carry it in one of my hands, maybe a waterbottle in the other. I find in this great heat and humidity phones get wet even when inside plastic bags, so that’s sometimes a problem.

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