The run at Rosaryville

A pretty good  sized group of PGRCers ran at Rosaryville State Park this morning. Was a little muddy (you know, only every step), but we persevered. A big thanks to Manuel, who led us on our little adventure and made sure we didn’t get lost in the woods. And Gary, who left us a clear message:

I guess we go left, then?

Also thanks to Elaine, Deon, Deirdre and Wanda who went back out to hunt for the stragglers!

Let’s do it again when it’s not so muddy, but hopefully still cool!

We proudly display our muddy feet. Not pictured: Gary, Cindy and Manuel, who went out for a second loop. I think we got everyone else!

Cool and useful running accessories

A question came up on the club yahoogroup about how to carry a cell phone while running.  How do you carry your cell phone?  What running accessories have you found useful?

Cheverly 5K winners

Congrats to PGRCers Chris Hamley and Gwen Parker for their first place finishes in Saturday’s Cheverly Day Cicada Crunch 5K.
Chris Hamley 17:44
Gwen Parker 23:09
Just imagine how fast these two could run on a flat course (if you haven’t run the Cheverly course before, it is seriously hilly).
Lots of other PRCers racing too (and Elaine and Funmi working the finish line/results) .

Cheverly Day 5K 5/22

Cheverly Day 5k Run (Cicada Crunch) & 2k Fun Walk

May 22, 10am

$5.00 discount for PGRC members

Tuesday track workout

5/18 University of MD Kehoe Track, 6:30-8:00pm

Workout is 2-4 (or more) 800 m repeats.  Club members and visitors are welcome to attend.  Pizza afterwards at Pizza Hut on rt. 1.

Chestertown Classic Run

I just learned about a race held in Chestertown, Maryland, as part of their annual Chestertown Tea Party Festival in celebration of the Chestertown Tea Party of 1774. The race includes a 10 Mile Run and a 5K Run/Walk event.

It looks like there are a few other things happening that weekend, so go for the run and stay for the wine! Here’s a link to the Chestertown event:

Track workouts at UMD start tonight

Track workouts Tuesday evenings May 4- June 15, from 6:30-8:00pm at the University of Maryland, College Park, Kehoe track. 

Tonight’s workout includes “ins and outs”, and 400m intervals.  Newcomers and visitors are especially welcome.

Join us for pizza at the Pizza Hut on route 1, immediately following the workout.

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