RRCA Convention in Lakeland, Fla.

Hi folks,

Valerie and Dan Grasso attended the RRCA National Convention in Florida on behalf of the PGRC. Here’s just a small preview of the information provided at the convention:

Bill Rodgers and Valerie at the convention.

RRCA points of interest

  • Most clubs give out Membership cards to their members; it is a growing trend
  • A race director certification program is in the works right now
  • RRCA is partnering with Weight Watchers – for RRCA events is giving money – part of the RRCA strategic plan is to get more grassroots in the community
  • $0 interest grants – loan – in the RRCA magazine – are available for the clubs to get timing systems
  • 65% of the groups in RRCA are non-profit, while 35% are for profit groups; according to the Annapolis Striders, these for profit groups are competing against RRCA nonprofit groups
  • The 2011 RRCA Convention will be held in Fredericksburg, Va.

How to grow your event highlights

  • Look at event branding
  • Sponsor’s return on investment — what will the sponsors get for their fee?
  • Think about your race as a business, and market it as a business
  • Consider partnering with corporate wellness and health events
  • Focus on getting people to stay around post-award ceremony
  • Encourage young runner participation
  • Race tip: Have cyclists from a local cycle club to lead the races and serve as race monitors

Nonprofit advocacy

  • Nonprofits should lobby because it is part of building community
  • There is power in numbers
  • Send a letter
  • Use the media
  • Organize!
  • Show up.  The world is run by those who show up!

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  1. Love the photo! And thanks for sharing this information.

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