A group of PGRC members traveled to Virginia Beach for a beautiful weekend of fun, sun, and an awesome run! PGRC times are listed below. A complete list of results can be found at: My apologies if I’ve missed anyone. Let me know and I will be sure to add you. Congratulations to all of the Shamrock finishers!

Marathon Finisher

1549 JULIA SNYDER 4:20:11


Half-Marathon Finishers

9836 KENTRINA (Lanette) ANDERSON 2:03:25

10912 CORRIE PETTIGREW 2:28:04

10911 WANDA SIMS 2:31:48

10861 CASSANDRA LOGAN 2:33:08

11062 MELISSA GARRISON 2:37:47

11011 KIANNA BANKS 2:40:30

11275 TRACI SAVOY 2:44:47

11615 BYRON JOHNSON 2:44:47

11554 OMONIYI (Omni) ADEKANMBI 2:44:52

11167 KIM OSSI VAN BRECHT 2:50:24

11018 TRACEY HAM 2:58:29


One Response

  1. Congratulations to all 3/20 and 3/21 marathoners and half-marathoners, especially first time runners. (I even congratulate myself!)
    What a tremendous achievement you have made.


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