PGRC at National Marathon/Half Marathon

The PGRC volunteers at aid station 19 and course marshals were fantastic.  And the marathon training group members did great- some of them completing their first marathon (congrats Luline, Rasha, and Deirdre).   Congratulations also to the PGRC half marathon finishers.  PGRC times are listed below; complete results at – let me know if I missed anyone and I’ll add you to the results.

Marathon finishers

Gwen Parker 3:59:51

Cindy Cohen 4:06:07

Kirk Gordon 5:16:01

Deon Merene 5:35:57

Deirdre Francis 5:35:58

Rasha Khaffagi 5:43:49

Luline Almonacy 5:45:52

Half Marathon finishers

Elaine Bond 2:00:35

Megan Foran 2:00:45

Krystle Robinson 2:18:33

Sharlene Deskins 2:20:16

Sophia Trevant 2:22:27

Amanda Hartmann 2:25:41

Clare Imholtz 2:41:18


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