Winter weather running

It’s been a tough winter for our group training for National, Shamrock and other early spring marathons.  How are you coping with the snow and cold this winter? 

(photo of NW branch trail from


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  1. This past week I enjoyed two adventures running, walking, and slogging through snow. Sunday in Rock Creek Park where the roads were mostly plowed and a lot of runners were out along with the skiers. Wednesday morning in Sligo Creek Park – so peaceful and the snow covered trees were gorgeous- and then a stop to see the lovely colors and fragrant smells of the Brookside Gardens greenhouse at the end of the run. Today ran in to work and will probably run home to get in some running before the big snowstorm hits this afternoon.
    – Cindy

  2. hi from the va connection of pgrc- have been able to run the streets here in south alexandria and then over to ft hunt park, where fortunagtely they always clear the raods around the park because of the police station in the rear. 1.24 around. it has been measured a zillion times over the many years when they ran many races there. was the first place i everf broke 40 in the 10k.
    today i snuck out and ran the 5 mile east blvd loop twice – was 2 miles away when the snow started and made it home slightly white. then filled the bird feeders and suet feeders.
    now to settle down and work out the race schedule for some of the year.
    hope all is well way over the river there in MD.

  3. Snow run/walk/slog yesterday 14 miles- took over 3.5 hours- takoma, rock creek park, woodley park, dupont circle, across to 14th st., back up to takoma. Rock Creek Park/Beach Dr. was in good condition and peaceful in the upper parts; the snowballs falling from trees was a little scary; a few runners and xc skiers out there. But tough going getting to the park and then back up through the city. A great snowy (and icy, slushy, and wet) adventure. i’m ready for round 2 tonight!

  4. I’m running more than I usually do – lots of free time with work and everything else closed. Yesterday a short 3 mile run, with a nice cookie treat at my sister in laws house at the halfway point. I can deal with snow, it’s the winds that will keep me inside today.

  5. Well this weekend was interesting for me. I hadn’t run since Feb. 4 (and the night before THAT Karen W. and I ran and I slipped and slid everywhere — with me falling down and thankfully only scraping my knee!). Since I am probably the clumsiest person on the face of the earth, I decided to limit my snow/ice running attempts during the blizzards.

    Saturday we tried Greenbelt, which I can say was clear-ish. There are large sections that are not scraped/salted down to the road. Which makes for a slow run. But it was good to get out and get MOVING. My feet and legs were literally twitching by Friday night after over a week of not running.

    And Sunday we went to Rock Creek Park, which itself was not bad, but getting there was a challenge. (Lots of running down semi-busy roads with impatient/speeding drivers.)

    I can only say I hope spring comes soon. Bring on the big melt!

  6. I’ve been doing my long runs outside, and have 20-22 miles planned for this friday morning, but I also seem to have developed an aversion to the snow/cold/ice/slush stuff out there right now. So last night I found myself running, and thoroughly enjoying myself, on the usually hated dreadmill. To pass the time I read “Outside” magazine and enjoyed their pictures of lovely snow covered ski resorts…go figure.

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