Why Dave F is the greatest

We all know Dave leads the Sunday morning long runs.  He’ll run with you no matter what pace or distance you want to run.  He runs mega miles, and ultras and marathons and such.  He inspires new runners.  He tells funny stores and entertains us on long runs.  He pitches in to help with club events.

Blah blah blah.

Dave is the greatest because he is giving me his copy of Marty Jerome’s 2010 Complete Runner, my favorite logbook that I’ve been using for years.  I was freaking out because I couldn’t find it anywhere, it is sold out in bookstores and is selling on ebay for a whopping $135.89. 

I am indebted to Dave.



5 Responses

  1. Aw schucks.


  2. I agree for all that you said Cindy, Dave F is one of the great ones!!!!


  3. Dave and Kent ran with me, Amanda and Ann (I think…Amanda?) on our first “long” run (6 whopping miles!) in 2008 as we prepared for our first 10-miler. Both men ran way slower than their abilities and encouraged us along the way. (Kent even carried my fuel belt when my back started hurting.)

    So thanks to Dave, Kent and all the others who make it a point to assist newbie runners. And kudos to Dave for all of the insane, uber races you run. I’m not quite inspired because that would imply I actually want to run 50 miles, so I will just remain awestruck. :o)


  4. And I concur on this, too. Just cause he is awesome. 🙂 Dave’s sense of humor always kept me going on long runs, even when I was hurting! … Though I wouldn’t trust the man if I asked him for directions in a race. 😉

  5. Dave F. is the greatest because he has such a generous spiritand exudes a passion for running.

    Dave F. and Dee Woodward ran the last 10 miles with me during my one and only marathon in 2008. And you have to understand that this was after I made a major miscalculation on a long run with Dave in which he ended up running about 6 miles longer than he had run in a very long time (years).

    Thank you Dave for sharing your love for running and for forgivness.


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