Where are all the men?

As the RRCA Club Challenge 10M nears, the issue of gender balance in the running club is again on my mind.  As some of you know, the rules of the Club Challenge state that men’s teams must have a minimum of 12 men to score, and women’s teams must have a minimum of 4 women to score  (fortunately for us, the rules for coed scoring have changed).  Every year, I argue that the numbers should be equal now that as many women participate in the sport as do men. 

In fact, our club is 2 to 1 women.  While we do have plenty of men in the club, I’m wondering if there is reason for the gender imbalance.  I have some ideas about that, but I guess my question is for the men– what would get you to join the club or participate more in the club?

Inquiring minds want to know!  Please add your comments.


4 Responses

  1. I usually run on Sat at Greenbelt next to you guys, and I have ran in of your rusn un 09.

    I been in this area for 6mos, so its been fun.
    Its been tough staying motivated, and finding good people to run with, and who lives close by. I
    am reg for the cherry blossom, and looking forward to a 10 miler in Kensington this Sat.
    My pace is 91/2 to 10min miles this winter:)
    I will join RRCA Club !! Look for me.

  2. Hey Byron! Is this the same Byron training with the Half/10-miler program? We’re happy to have you. I so hear you on motivation. Running with the group is the only thing that keeps me running sometimes. It helps to have someone looking for you — and e-mailing you if you don’t show!

    We’ll see you soon!

  3. Byron hope to heck you keep coming, we need more guys. If you are ever in a rut give me a call I am always up for a couple of miles.
    My 2 cents:
    I suspect that egos may be getting in the way. Guys tyypically are hyper competitive and when you hear running club you think they must be pros. I am not sure how we do it but we need to get the word about the club out there, we really need to recruit. How about challenging all of the members to bring at least one new member to the club over a specific time frame. Lets say by Easter. Anyone up for the challenge?

  4. That’s a great idea Clarence!

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