2010 running goals

What are your running goals for 2010?  Run faster?  Finish your first marathon or first 5K?  Run 2010 miles?  Whatever they are, share them here!!


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  1. I want to run my first and second half marathons. And hopefully maybe run the second faster than the first. 🙂

  2. My goal is to run a sub 6:00 minute mile for the 3rd year in a row. My fantasy is to run under 21:00 for a 5K, but I have missed that goal for the past 2 years.

  3. Where do I start? Well, as most of you know, I’m on injured reserve at least for another few weeks. (Broken ankle. Fingers crossed that I’ll be out of this boot VERY soon) Essentially, I’m starting over. This year, now that I know I can and will stick with the running, I’m going to seriously work on my diet (10 lbs could make all the difference this year) and increase my speed. I want to run a half marathon. And yes, FINALLY get in that DRESS!!

  4. I will work to increase my speed (actually get back to my 5k pace of two yrs back which was a bit over an 8min mile). Next year I’ll work toward exceeding that. This year I will also aim for running a 5k, an 8k and my 1st half-maratthon at a respectable pace. I always plan to keep my weight down and be healhy and happy.

  5. Well Ive got a couple, I will be doing my first Ironman Triathlon in June and to get ready for that I will be doing my first two ultra marathons as well. In march we have a 37 mile paved trail ultra then in April we have a 50K trail run ultra. Ive never gone beyond the marathon before so i guess my goal is ENDURENCE.
    See ya out there

  6. I’m going to try another Half Marathon even though I vowed not to run another. Am confident that other half-marathoners will keep my going during the cold months in preparation for March. Am not too worried about improving my times in races and would just like to finish respectably. I will also run in my third Army Ten-Miler for my sister and neices.

  7. I’ve got a half-marathon and two 10-milers coming up, and I hope to set P.R.’s for these two distances. Quite achievable as my existing times are not great.
    Then there is my perennial goal of doing a 5k under 30 minutes. I got a little closer in 2009 so it’s still within the realm of possibility.
    My really important goal is just to keep running with PGRC!

  8. My goal is to finish my first half marathon without stopping and to run consistently year round with the club 🙂

  9. I’m aiming for first figuring out what is up with my recalcitrant calf and getting it rehabilitated. Once that’s in hand, the plan is to run regularly. Probably start doing more races with the club, and around the area. It’ll be nice, though, to run routinely.

    If I remember your training approach correctly, you’re leaning on a lot of short fast training. That can work fine if you have a middle distance runner body type, so you probably do. But to get that 21 minute 5k, which is equivalent for a middle distance guy to your 6 minute mile, you need to work on longer runs, on strength type runs, and back off the speed work (plus move it to longer things). It will probably also help to find a 5k that’s extremely flat — even flat for a road race is a very different thing than turning in your good fast miles on the track. Good luck!

  10. Where to begin? I want to continue to build my endurance, which was completely zapped by September. Along with endurance, I’m looking to beat my 2009 times (which shouldn’t be hard since they were abysmal). Related to both is my need to drop these pesky 10 lbs that appeared out of nowhere. Clearly, yelling at them to “go away” isn’t working so I’ve had to make some changes to my diet. Good bye for now Chik- fil-A. :o(

    • Amen, Cass. Damn those chicken biscuits! Do they still wire mouths shut? I think I’d have much more success with that. 🙂

  11. That should be a :-(.

  12. I want to run all the races in the Pacers 2010 Race series, I have already registered for them : ) I want to run the Marine Corp 10K in less than 55 minutes.

  13. The plan for me is to run long this year since running short last year caused me to pack on the pounds! (Uh, I’m fairly sure eating had something to do with that, too, but I digress.) No particular time goals, just to cover the distance and feel good about it (and NO injuries!).

    Races to complete this year:
    – Shamrock Half
    – GW Parkway 10-miler
    – fall half (Parks, maybe?)
    – Army 10-miler

    See you on the roads!

  14. I’d like to join this club if you have room for beginner runners, not sure about that based on the comments. Seems everyone is pretty good at this running thing. I’d like to be able to do a 5k non-stop and maybe even get to a 10k this year?

  15. Chyrl:
    I think new people, beginners included, are always welcome. There are programs mentioned on the club’s web site at http://pgrc.org/ In the mean time, I’ll be doing some walking in Greenbelt National Park at 8 AM Saturday (that’s our usual time and place for meeting — sweetgum picnic area). You’re welcome to join me. It won’t be a very short walk, probably 5k or somewhat more. I’ll be the person there with a yellow measuring wheel.

  16. […] Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself in January?  In case you forgot, some of you shared yours here https://pgrunner.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/2010-running-goals/ […]

  17. Great morning!

    My goals for 2011 is to complete my first 5k (yayyy!!), build muscle, lose 30 pounds, run all year and to stay committed to the running group. Thy will be done 🙂

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