Run Through the Grapevine 8k

Great job on a slippery course (seriously, what was that muddy mountain they made us crawl up???). Race results (apologies if I skipped anyone — and please let me know!):

180.Lewis, Monica…F32 PGRC Run 4 your Life…45:44.90
318.Giamalva, John N…M55 PGRC Run 4 Fun…54:37.94
319.Grumbine, Robert…M46 PGRC Run 4 Fun…54:45.92
364.Wright, Ian…M34 PGRC Run 4 your Life…57:14.87
380.Trevant, Sophie…F33 PGRC Run 4 your Life…58:20.27
384.Wright, Tracy…F39 PGRC Run 4 your Life…58:43.11
414.Francis, Deirdre…F48 PGRC Run Happy…1:01:16.15
418.Almonacy, Luline…F34 PGRC Run 4 your Life…1:01:37.90
425.Robinson, Krystle…F23 PGRC Run Strong…1:01:56.39
428.Imholtz, Clare…F63 PGRC Run Happy…1:02:33.24
457.Fromel, Virginia…F58 PGRC Run Happy…1:07:13.81
459.Logan, Cassandra…F37 PGRC Run 4 your Life…1:08:22.53
463.Grasso, Valerie…F55 PGRC Run Strong…1:09:18.56
466.Lehr, Gene…M71 PGRC Run 4 Fun…1:12:16.16
468.Smith, Lisa…F44 PGRC Run Strong…1:12:32.35
472.van Brecht, Kim…F30 PGRC Run Strong…1:14:21.94
474.Proctor, Donald…M73 PGRC Run 4 Fun…1:16:07.75
475.Grasso, Daniel…M53 PGRC Run 4 Fun…1:18:10.10

I’m just happy I survived without breaking anything. But I was thinking of the 50k runners during our, um, adventure today. Can’t wait to hear *their* report!

 grapevine 2009

5 Responses

  1. You seem to have forgotten yourself 🙂

    Many thanks to John Giamalva for arranging the teams, and being so patient with us late-payers.

    Among in-club people, it looks like the closest race was between John and me, with John passing me for good somewhere in the fourth mile. 8 seconds apart at the finish line. 21 Between Deirdra and Luline, 19 between Luline and Krystle (making our closest 3some). 16 Second between Gene and Lisa.

    By way of race report, I’ll say that this was my 4th, and by far the muddiest, Grapevine. Fortunately the footing held for the steep downhill around mile 4.3 and I didn’t wipe out. Surprised myself by finishing with no falls, and only a little blood (briar got my hand — Gene got nailed on the face and neck). Also likely my slowest by a wide margin. It’s always a walk-run race, even when I’m in good shape. But I’m not now in good shape, so the walk fraction was way up. Next year, I hope to be back under 50. (Draw your lines in the sand early 🙂 (Gives people a chance to forget them.)

  2. Nope — I’m “van Brecht” on the list. 🙂 The first part of my last name was left off.

  3. Nice job everyone– and congrats to the PGRC masters male team, and to Clare and Gene for winning awards. I’m glad to see so many PGRCers were running! Five of us from PGRC were at the 50K–it was a crazy race — full of challenges and pouring rain most of the time– but all PGRCers survived relatively unscathed.– Cindy

  4. This race was interesting, to say the least. I consider it a hike disguised as a race. I guess I need more practice running on unsteady terrain. I was afraid to run too fast for fear that I would fall and break something. All in all, it was a fun day. I was exhausted afterward though, more so than after the half marathon. :o/

  5. Hmmmm…after seeing the pics from the 50k, I will no longer complain about the Grapevine race. LOL

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