Tuesday 9/29 track workout

This week’s suggested track workout (PGCC track 7pm): 

6-10 x 400 at 5K pace, with 200 m jogging recovery.


One Response

  1. 5k pace for 400’s is relatively easy — as a pace. The recovery, as usual, is key. Equal time recovery will keep it reasonably easy. That might be a 200m jog, or it might be 200m walk. With the pace and recovery time being relatively easy, one can go for more repetitions to balance the challenge. As usual, the more repetitions have to be done while keeping an eye on total mileage in your week. If you’re doing only 20 miles per week, keep it to 8 (10% of your weekly mileage). If you’re at 30+, 12 should be easy.

    A very different workout is to do the 6-10×400 with equal time recovery — but at your mile race pace. People racing longer than, say, 45 minutes probably don’t need this one. But if you’re looking at 5-30 minute races, this is a way to get your higher end speed practiced, and to get used to running with some lactic acid. For this one, 10 is a large number even if you have 30+ mile per week base. It’s an intense workout.

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