This week’s workouts

We hope you will join us for any of this week’s workouts (see full list at  Non-members are welcome at any of the weekly workouts– so come on out!  Add a comment to let others know which workouts you are attending and desired mileage and pace.

Tuesday track workout (7pm PGCC track)– Suggested workout is 800m repeats (yes again!).   Those in marathon training might try Yasso 800’s for one gauge of how your training is progressing.

Thursday hill workout (6pm Wells Ice Arena/College Park)– Jog with us over to Greenbelt National Park back entrance for a challenging and fun workout.  This is a good strength builder for beginners and experienced runners alike.

Tuesday/Thursday early mornings (Bowie 5:30 am)– Join the early birds of Bowie and get your morning started right.

Saturday run (8am Greenbelt Park)– An hour long run on road or trails through beautiful Greenbelt Park.  Bug spray advised if you are running trails.

Sunday long run (7am, Atlanta Bread Co.)– It’s called the “long” run but in fact some people run 5 miles, others 10 miles, and some more.  This week Dave F is leading a group for an 18 mile run including 10+ miles on dirt trails to prepare for the Potomac Heritage 50K.   With Dave’s entertaining stories, the miles will just fly by!  There will be shorter distance options as well.


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  1. John and Cindy are attending the Tuesday track workout– 800m pace will be around 7:30-8:00 min/mile.

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