10-miler training poll

If you were to train for a 10-miler in the first half of 2010, would you prefer to train for:
a) the RRCA Club Challenge (in Columbia; Feb. 28)
b) the GW Parkway Classic (in Alexandria; April 25)
c) neither, because THIS race is better: (please specify)



10 Responses

  1. Definitely A, in fact I’ve already started. Right now, just short of 6 months to train up. That’s a good lead time towards a race. 8 Months towards a single race is pretty long.

    For the B-interested people, I’d suggest the 8 month training plan, but with a full-out race at the RRCA by way of time trial. Nothing better in preparing for a 10 mile race than to do some other 10 miler as a training check.

    Either A or B, I’ll suggest running our own Great Lengths race, the 2010 rods (approx. 10k). That’s 4 months from now, and is well-timed to give feedback on how your training plan is going for the 10 milers 2-4 months down the road. The good timing being that you have time to rearrange your training to address whatever weaknesses are shown up at the Great Lengths before the 10 miler of interest happens.

  2. GW Parkway Classic because it was an awesome race!

    • Definitely, the RRCA. I NEED to train for that, and I like penguindreams’ idea, that training for the RRCA can be a step toward the GW Parkway Classic.

  3. I’ve raced the Chestertown 10-miler and its a very nice and flat race from Chestertown, MD into the country and back.

    Saturday May 29, 2010 – 8 A.M.
    10 Mile Run & 5K Run/Walk

  4. Either one sounds good to me. I’m just posting to say I’m interested in doing the training program, whichever race you do.

  5. I’d prefer option A…the GW Parkway classic was too darn hot!

  6. I prefer A, the RRCA club challenge, even though it can be pretty cold in February.

  7. It’s funny how we can go from too cold to too hot within a couple of months. I’ve never run the RRCA race — someone mentioned it’s a challenging course. Is it hilly?

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