Running calculators

Aside from running, I also play with numbers. That has lead to 3
different running-related calculators, including a couple which are
aimed at training and training paces. They are:

hr will describe some points for heart rate-based training, and compute
appropriate zones for you. It’s very old — predating even my start
in coaching (which was 2002) — but the basics are still fine. I’ll
be adjusting, some year, the distances at the bottom (where it connects
distance to sustainable heart rate). But the verbal descriptions, I’ve
been assured by a number of runners over the years, from ‘chatting
easily’ to ‘lungs on fire’, are pretty good.

pace will give you estimates of your race times at different distances,
given (in the ‘even pace’ column) your pace for one distance. It will
also give you the time per 400m/mile/… that will get you to the finish
line at your desired time. It also will address somewhat your training
paces for different sorts of training (VO2max, etc.) This, too, is
quite old and, as always, I’d do things differently today. But it’s
still basically good.

The new addition is walkrun, which will give you estimates of your time
for covering assorted distances given your walking pace, running pace,
and how much of each you’re doing. I was just using it to discover that
in my current 1:1 run/walk (yes, restarting, again) I’m probably running
more like 9 minute miles, than the planned 10:30-11:00. Anyhow, you can
use it to estimate your finish times for different races according to
different walk/run proportions, and your paces. I also have looked at
it for finishing the RRCA 10 miler next February, in under 2 hours.
For a 10 minute/mile running pace, 16 minute/mile walking pace, I’ll
make it with 2 minutes running to 1 minute walking. I can’t see being
in shape to run 10 miles straight, but 2 hours of 2:1 run/walk … that
could happen.

As always, comments, questions, suggestions are welcome.

Happy trails,
Bob Grumbine


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