Aches and pains

With the Running Start crew, we’re starting to hear more about some aches and pains. For instance, one of the ladies in our Tuesday evening group was having some calf issues — mainly tightness. I have this problem too, especially in the first mile or so, but after I’m warmed up I feel fine (unless we’re running up and up and up!). Naturally, my first thought is we should be doing some more calf stretching. I found these calf stretches on Runner’s World, which might be of assistance. Of course, if any pain persists, definitely go visit your doctor. As guest speaker and M.D. Bill said, if it’s sharp, stabbing and immediate, you probably have torn something so you should stop running and visit your doctor for evaluation. But delayed onset muscle soreness is a normal part of running.

Runner’s World is packed with info you might try out. Check out their “What Hurts?” feature under “Injury Prevention.” Anyone else having specific troubles? Post your problems below and we can all discuss some solutions.



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