Aches and pains

With the Running Start crew, we’re starting to hear more about some aches and pains. For instance, one of the ladies in our Tuesday evening group was having some calf issues — mainly tightness. I have this problem too, especially in the first mile or so, but after I’m warmed up I feel fine (unless we’re running up and up and up!). Naturally, my first thought is we should be doing some more calf stretching. I found these calf stretches on Runner’s World, which might be of assistance. Of course, if any pain persists, definitely go visit your doctor. As guest speaker and M.D. Bill said, if it’s sharp, stabbing and immediate, you probably have torn something so you should stop running and visit your doctor for evaluation. But delayed onset muscle soreness is a normal part of running.

Runner’s World is packed with info you might try out. Check out their “What Hurts?” feature under “Injury Prevention.” Anyone else having specific troubles? Post your problems below and we can all discuss some solutions.


PGRC at Run for Roses 5K

ALOT of PGRC women ran at today’s MCRRC Run for Roses, which was co-directed by PGRC member Christina Caravoulias.   Many are participants in the PGRC Running Start program and some were running their very first race.   After the race, we met for breakfast at La Madeleine.  Congratulations to all the PGRC finishers (and please let me know if I missed anyone).  

Full race results


Place Div/Tot  Num  Name                  S Ag Hometown           Time   Pace 

===== ======== ==== ===================== = == ==================

   22   3/42    342 Cindy Cohen           F 41 Washington DC      23:57   7:43

  136  18/53    438 Amanda Hartmann       F 38 Cheverly MD        31:16  10:04

  144   3/9     152 Clare Imholtz         F 62 Beltsville MD      31:42  10:12

  164  13/39    120 Sharyn Gordon         F 51 Mitchellville MD   32:41  10:32

  174  15/21     48 Kimberly Bruce        F 21 Bowie MD           33:23  10:45 

  209  30/53    425 Cassandra Logan       F 37 Landover MD        34:51  11:13

  210  24/42    367 Corrie Pettigrew      F 42 Upper Marlboro MD  34:51  11:13

  250  19/34    121 Valerie Grasso        F 55 Lanham MD          36:25  11:44

  256  45/54    243 Kim Ossi Van Brecht   F 30 Bowie MD           36:34  11:47

  263  47/54    375 Ivy McCormick         F 32 Greenbelt MD       37:06  11:57

  264  24/39    285 Wanda Sims            F 50 Beltsville MD      37:10  11:58

  269  27/39    335 Lucy Younes           F 54 Hyattsville MD     37:40  12:08

  274   5/9     312 Julie Trapp           F 64 Silver Spring MD   38:26  12:23

  286  27/33    136 Renee Harris          F 49 Upper Marlboro MD  39:54  12:51

  321  35/42    203 Lisa Lynk Smith       F 44 Bowie MD           43:11  13:54

  339  36/40    265 Juanita Roberts       F 50 Bowie MD           44:48  14:26 
  340  39/42    429 Tonia Smith           F 43 Upper Marlboro MD  45:06  14:31

  342  47/53    401 Lisa Harris           F 39 Upper Marlboro MD  45:30  14:39

  357  41/42     99 Mia Fair              F 41 Hyattsville MD     47:26  15:16

  358  50/53    353 Leslie Ingram-Johnson F 38 Laurel MD          47:27  15:17

  359  42/42    286 Gina Slade            F 43 Hyattsville MD     47:27  15:17

  370  52/53    144 Tammy Hines           F 39 Suitland MD        52:11  16:48

The Heavy

When I first started writing this blog, I made it very clear that my motivation for running was purely of a vain nature.  That, and the dress. Since I’ve started running, THE dress is now one of many dresses (and other assorted clothing) that I can’t get so much as an elbow in without assistance or am just too afraid to try on less I need the jaws of life to get out!  What I’m getting at people is, that I seem to be gaining weight (at an alarming rate, might I add) and I’m none too happy about it.  

Yes, I know, I’m “rebuilding my body.” “Muscle weighs more than fat.”  Blah, blah, blah. But cut me some slack here!  How much longer before this thing evens itself out?  I mean I have been careful to stay away from the sugar and the fried stuff.  I’ve all but OD’ed on salad. I’m drinking so much water you can hear it sloshing around inside of me on any given day.  So what EXACTLY is the problem?  

And maybe I wouldn’t be quite so sensitive this early in the game, if everywhere I went weren’t teeming with full size mirrors.  I went to yoga the other day and spent 90 minutes staring in the mirror at the “fun house” me trying to figure out when it got that bad and how do I make it stop!  No one would believe (myself included) that just a few short months ago I was 20 lbs lighter.  Yup, thanks to a harsh and inactive winter and a mother who believes love and banana pudding are synonymous, I woke up one morning unable to put my socks on without breaking a sweat.  

And I get it! I’m not bemoaning how I got here. I’m just trying to figure out how to get out of here.  Running was supposed to be my ace in the hole!  A chance to improve my cardiovascular health AND get me in that dress!  Sure, I can run for 12 minutes straight, but I can’t walk up a hill without rubbing the skin off my inner thighs!  Where is the balance?

Am I being a baby?  Probably. But I’m also quite sure that I’m not the only beginner frustrated at the lack of physical progress. And I know deep down that change takes time. But after weeks of aching muscles and the not so pleasant scent of sports creme, is it really too much to ask for some small sign that it’s paying off?  


I’m sure many of you will think I’m just being silly.  And maybe you’re right. These things don’t happen over night. And honestly, I really like running.  I do!  I enjoy the challenge it brings;  the pushing my body a little further than I ever thought possible.   I guess I  just wish I could push my body a little further into that dress to bring this thing full circle, you know?

Tonight’s fun runs are CANCELED

Yesterday’s storm caused some damage in Greenbelt and the forecast is for more thunderstorms so no races tonight.  Sorry!

National Running Day and more!

RD_Logo_DateHey runners! Some things of interest:

  • Tomorrow, June 3rd, is National Running Day! So get out there and wave to all the other runners.
  • One of our Running Starters, Corrie, mentioned that Charm City Run has a new location in the newly opened Annapolis Town Center (here are hours and directions). I’m going to check it out tomorrow.
  • I am so happy to see everyone posting. But, um, who are you? 🙂 Can you introduce yourselves or sign your posts? Of course, should you choose to stay anonymous, that’s OK too. I’d just like to be able to say hello when I run into you in person! I’ll start: I’m Kim, the tall (and admittedly quite pale) girl usually wearing a baseball hat — and typically attached to a clipboard — out at the Running Start program. I run with the 30:30 group (Shoutout to my girls Denise and Liz and manly Randy! I’m so proud of you!).

See you at the race THURSDAY evening! Wait, you didn’t know about any race? It’s part of our FREE summer race series. And it’s FUN, so bring your friends! Details:

Thursdays, June 4, June 18, July 2, July 16, Aug. 6, Aug. 20, 7 PM Buddy Attick Summer Fun Runs  (NEW!) – 1.5 miles or 3 miles Meet at Greenbelt Youth Center parking lot by 6:45 PM  FREE!

Dreaded Druid Hills race report

I went to Baltimore’s Dreaded Druid Hills 10k last Saturday with fear and trepidation in my heart. There were four PGRC runners there, all of us for the same reason: this year the Dreaded Druids was Race No. 3 in the Maryland RRCA Grand Prix series, where showing up is 9/10 of the game. Since I had not been able to run the first 2 races in the series, I really needed this race, but still would not have had the nerve if I didn’t know that some of my PGRC teammates would be there. The hills in this race have been called torturous, wicked, mean (and worse)—and I was convinced they were far beyond my ability. Nor had my training runs gone longer than 8k yet this spring. Strangely, very strangely, it turned out to be fun. I just decided to relax, walk when I couldn’t run straight up anymore, and the heck with worrying about my finish time (expecting anywhere from 1:20 to 1:40). To my great surprise, my time wasn’t much worse than in the Jingle All the Way 10k (which admittedly had been disastrous for me), and I felt great when I finished. Due to a low supply of older runners, I managed at 1:13:53 to be the third woman in my age group. Laurie Fisher easily took second in her class with 1:04:06 and Sharlene Deskins was right behind her with 1:05:46. Other PGRCers Chris Caravoulias (albeit running under a rival flag) and Lucy Younes finished in 1:19:05 and 1:33:47, respectively. Hail Druids!

— Clare Imholtz

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