Running to work and maybe to Baltimore?

Today I ran to work– about 7 miles from home to office.  This is my third time run-commuting.  I had so much more energy at work today than I normally do.  I plan to run-commute to work every Tuesday, at least for the summer. Each week, I’ll vary the route at least a little to keep it interesting. 

So Dave F has this idea of running to Baltimore.  I thought we could also do a run or a series of runs in the county– maybe a tour de Prince Georges.  We could try out some different routes around the county – maybe have some options of distances so everyone can join in.

Dave F and I seem to be obsessed with the thought of doing more ultras (something must have been in the HEED race drink at the 50K a few weeks ago).  Here’s a local 50K – starts right here in DC- can’t beat that—and is free! The race is in November—here’s the website  Who else wants to join us?  Long runs on Sundays (8am, Atlanta Bread Co.).  I will be posting a marathon training schedule to the website soon and maybe will include something a little extra for the ultramarathoners.  Also, I’ll post a training schedule for the sane folks who want to train for a more reasonable distance (10 miler/ half marathon).


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