Shoes slipping?

The trick may be in the laces. I have narrow heels but big feet, so I buy men’s shoes (comes with the 6-foot-tall territory, I’m afraid). Obviously because of that, my narrow heels can occasionally cause fit problems. Then a shoe guy at Gotta Run in Annapolis showed me how to loop my laces around to make the shoe tighter around the opening. It’s brilliant. Not all shoes require this particular lacing technique for me, but it sure does help on some. The technique I use to prevent heel-slippage is called “Lock Lacing.”

Ian (aka obsessive shoelace guy) also offers this simple tip: “A better way to prevent heel slippage is as follows: After your foot is fully inside the shoe, physically shove your heel firmly into the back of the shoe before tightening. This works surprisingly well, as many people still have their foot too far forwards into the shoe to allow it to remain secure after being tightened comfortably.”

Read more of Ian’s shoe-tying and lacing tips for different sports (running is the second section).

See you tomorrow at the track!


RRCA Footnotes May 2009

footnotes May 2009

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