Something to Smile About…

If you had asked me last week how things were going with my running, I probably wouldn’t have had many good things to say.  The last time I’d been out running was the previous Saturday, due in part to the never ending rain and work commitments.  When I finally did make it out, it was like starting all over again.  I wasn’t focused. I couldn’t get into a steady rhythm with my breathing. It was ALL bad.  I was so frustrated and SO down on myself, I was starting to think maybe running was not for me.  The next Saturday, I literally had to drag myself to class, expecting little results and a whole lot of disappointment.  I did a little better than I had expected, but still feeling like I could have done more.

 Now because I missed the timed trials the week before, due to rain, I was dreading the experience. In fact, I don’t think I slept much the night before thinking about just how hard it was going to be and how long it was going to take me to make it around the track. But I went anyway hoping for the best but bracing myself for the worst. I started out  clunky . I started out too fast, maybe and was unable to get a handle on my breathing. This was a recipe for disaster and I just KNEW  I’d end up walking a lap before I finished.

 And then something MIRACULOUS happened.  About a quarter of the way around the track, I found my pace.  In my head I kept telling myself to relax and to remember what George said about breathing. And I started in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Sure, I sounded like a freight train coming up behind other runners, but I could feel myself starting to relax.  I stayed focused on my breathing and keeping the pace.  By the time I’d finished the first lap, my calves were on fire.  By lap two, the hips were involved.  Lap three, my gluts had joined in and my entire lower body was ON FIRE!! But I ignored the pain and pushed through.  Maybe I was a bit in shock. I was three laps in and I hadn’t wanted to keel over yet.

 And wouldn’t you know it, I did it!  I ran one whole mile without stopping.  It took me 12 minutes and 2 seconds to do it, but I did it!  And even though my lower body was fatigued, I noticed that my breathing was under control (for the most part) and I wasn’t nearly as tired as I had expected to be.  

I could not believe it. Still don’t. But I’m very proud of myself. I just made a very small step toward a much bigger goal. And despite the set backs and physical pain,  it’s good to know things are starting to happen.  Now, I’m nowhere NEAR getting into the dress, but I’m a little closer than I was three weeks ago and that makes me VERY happy.

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