Ruuuuunning in the rain

I just wanted to congratulate all the Running Starters who made it out to the track Tuesday evening. Not everyone got the message that the run had been canceled because of rain, so the folks who showed up ran anyway! (Go team!) It drizzled lightly on us at the start and then by the third and fourth laps for most of those running the timed test, it really started coming down again. Most everyone was soaked by the time we left.

So do you feel like runners yet? You should. It’s fun when you go out on a run in the rain and you come across other runners doing the same thing. You usually give a little nod to each other — some acknowledgment that, yes, you too are one of those “crazy” runners, when all “sane” people are sitting indoors, nice and dry.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about running in the rain lately. (Maybe because it’s been raining for two months straight? Actually, maybe we should get a GPS and confirm that we are, in fact, still in Prince George’s County and not the Pacific Northwest. Anyone?) Somewhere along the line, I turned into a rain wuss.  I used to run in the rain — no problem. Sure, your socks and shoes get sopping wet and your shoes don’t dry out for days. You’re drenched from head to toe, and not just from sweat (don’t worry, that happens from sweat too — just wait). But when you’re done and you’re changed into warm, dry clothes, you feel really, really good. Ultra clean. Ultra healthy. Maybe it’s that “getting in touch with nature” sort of thing happening. And after yesterday’s track event, I feel a lot better about the rain. I hope those of you who participated do too. (And if you don’t, invest in some good breathable rain gear!)

Bottom line? We shouldn’t be afraid of a little weather (just maybe lightning). It comes with the territory. And for runners, that territory is outside.

See you Saturday…


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