One Week and (about) 8 miles :o)

It’s official, gang! I have one whole week of running under my belt and I have to say, not too bad.  Am I pain free and totally in love?  Not quite. BUT I experience this warm tingling sensation after each run, right before my legs give out!  That has to count for something, right?  Aside from the tingling and the toe cramps (what IS that?? Toes should NEVER separate the way mine have the last few nights after running. Seriously, if you know why that happens and how to make it stop, PULEEEZE let me know!), I really do feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction knowing that ME, the woman who drives across the street to 7 Eleven because it saves SO much more time (yeah, right),  travelled 8 miles on my own steam!  VERY excited.  

But it’s still early.  

Not to diminish my accomplishments,  but let’s be real. The weather is still pretty tame, and I am still filled with all the enthusiasm God gave a 2 year old. Which most of you know, will begin to dwindle on the first day it hits 90 degrees.  But I look forward to meeting the challenge. I do not kid myself about the work that’s in front of me and how hard I’m going to have to push myself to make it happen.  I have armed myself with a generous supply of Aleve, Ben Gay, and a case Two Buck Chuck (for the especially hard days). 😉

I did learn one thing  this week, I think is worth sharing.   For those of you still purchasing gear, if you take nothing else away from this blog, please take this: BUY THE SOCKS!  Yes, I know a $10 pair of socks is like buying a Buick in this economy, but I PROMISE you, they are worth every cent!  I bought only ONE pair, trying not to be THAT girl. You know ,the newbie that buys everything because the guy in the Pro shop says she should?  So I bought a “trial” pair, figuring this guy was running a gambit, I’d discover my 20 pair for $3.99 socks from Walmart would work just as well, and I would expose him for the con artist he is, right? Fast forward to this past Tuesday. The $10 socks are dirty (hello, I wore them Saturday ) so I grabbed, the Walmart socks. A sock is a sock is a sock EXCEPT right around lap six, when there are flames and smoke emitting from right under your big toes. OUCH!  To hell with forest fires! The best way to prevent TOE fires? 

Buy the socks!

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