Running on Envy: How I came to make a Running Start

I’d be lying if I said vanity wasn’t a factor in my decision to become a runner. In fact, it was THE ONLY factor. I’d see them plodding along in sub zero temperatures, oblivious to the weather and everyone else around them,  and I’d think to myself, from my cozy post on high, usually with snack in hand, shaking my head and thinking “IDIOTS!”

But deep down I envied them. You’ve seen them. Sturdy legs. Strong thighs. RIDICULOUSLY flat stomachs. What’s not to envy? But I was married to my sedentary lifestyle of snack cakes, soda and reality TV. We all have our crosses to bear, this was mine.

And then it happened…I went to buy a dress.

Spare me the agony of telling you what that experience was like. But let me say this, I QUICKLY came to terms with the fact that I am a “woman of a certain age” and my body just doesn’t respond as well as it once did, to the not-so-occasional Ho Ho and Dr. Pepper. In fact, I had developed quite the paunch over that last few years and before I would even THINK of buying a bigger size,  something had to be done. And soon!

I knew I needed to exercise. However, joining a gym was COMPLETELY out of the question. I have been a ghost member of at least 4 gyms in the last 7 years. That having been said,  in this economy, it definitely needed it to be FREE! Couple that with the fact that, I’m a little light on stick-to-itivness, especially if it’s fueled by self motivation (Did I mention the ghost memberships?). I ‘m not REALLY going to give myself the stink eye if I don’t workout, now am I? So it definitely needed to be in a group setting.

And then it hit me! Why not be a runner?

It fit the criteria:
1. It was indeed exercise.
2. I did not need to take place in a gym.
3. It was completely free. (sort of)
4. ???
Well almost fit the criteria. At this stage I absolutely needed a group. Someone to show me how it was done. Someone to motivate me and push me, and give me the stink eye when I needed it. Someone to make sure that I was in that dress! Ugh… I… mean running! 🙂

Enter Running Start!

So here I am, off the couch sans snack cake and Dr. Pepper, with a very small dress buried deep in the back of my closet, ready to be transformed.


2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m right here with you!! Nice writing — and reflective of quite a few of us these days, I bet. I’m a late-morning person so I probably am not going to be at many PGRC runs for a while, at least, but I’ll be with everyone “in spirit,” doing my solo running. Just began reading ChiRunning too, which fits nicely with my personal holistic philosophy. It’s good to know you face similar motivation issues!!

  2. I couldn’t have said it any better myself! There’s nothing wrong with vanity when you get to be fit and healthy in the process. I have my favorite pair of skinny jeans also tucked away at the back of my closet seeking to make it’s debut sometime this summer (after 5 years of being too tight to wear)! I’m so glad I’m not alone in this!

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