Equipment Manager Inventory Report and New Policies for 2009

Greetings Runners,
As some of you are no doubt aware, we recently enacted a change of policy regarding the storage of equipment.  While previously we’ve relied on the abundant generosity of our members to provide space in their homes for club assets, we now have a storage locker reserved for club use in the Beltsville Mini-U Storage.  The secure facility on Rt. 1 in Beltsville was able to offer us a great deal on a locker that meets our size needs, includes a shelving unit, and includes insurance.  Additionally, their policy is to provide a truck for movement of assets for free over short distances.

As PGRC Equipment Manager, I have taken the time to inventory everything that we’ve moved into the locker so far and it is available for anyone to view on Google Documents.  That link will update automatically, and I’ll be using it to keep track of where any given piece of club owned equipment is.

Additionally, since we now have inventory online, I’ll be initiating a new policy regarding asset requests.  In the storage locker, we have the benefit of multiple officers who have access to our unit.  However, in order to make certain that an authorized officer is available to work with your requested date, and in order to make sure that the equipment is available on your requested date, it is now club policy that this form be filled out no less than 30 days in advance.

Obviously any current pending requisitions are grandfathered on previous policy, but anything new should be passed through the form.  Any forms submitted after the 30 day window passes are purely subject to the availability of personnel.

Also, please note that while we will arrange for access to the facility at pickup and return, transportation is the responsibility of the individual taking custody of the club assets.

A final note, organizing the storage locker has taken a substantial amount of time and energy.  Those who borrow club assets are requested to return them in the same condition that they were acquired, if not better.  I realize that everyone wants to tear down and get home after managing a race, but holding to this policy is to the benefit of all who borrow club assets as well as those of us who manage them.

Ian R. Wright
PGRC Equipment Manager


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