Good luck National marathoners and 1/2ers!

Good luck to everyone running National on Saturday. Make sure to thank the volunteers at PGRC aid station mile 19 as you run on by! And if you want to share your thoughts on the race (before or after), please comment on this post!

Check out the videos on NBC4 to see who is competing on Saturday.


2 Responses

  1. It was such a pleasure volunteering for such an organized race and having the opportunity to talk with my fellow PGRCers! The PGRC team looked great! Congrats to all of the runners– I was so proud! (-: A special thanks to Angela for her great waterstop coordination! Her kids did an outstanding job and deserve a big thanks also! Karen

  2. As a 1st time marathon runner I had a great experience. The weather was perfect yesterday and I was totally relaxed. Because I’d never run that distance I didn’t push myself too hard for fear of hitting the dreaded wall! I ran at a good steady pace, enjoyed myself, had fun and met my goal for time. Kudos to the volunteers at PGRC water stop at mile 19; your shoutouts really pumped me up!!!!

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