MD RRCA Club Challenge Results

Team PGRC fielded a team 20 strong today.  We placed last in the coed competition and in the womens competition, and were one short of the needed 12 scorers to be ranked in the mens competition.  But while we may not have been the fastest, we surely would have done well if there were a most attractive singlet competition.  Thanks to all who ran and braved the hills of Columbia, and the cold and sleet.   Full race results


33 Hamley, Christopher       1:00:01.48

38 Geiser, Steve             1:00:29.59

207 Panebianco, Nicholas     1:14:36.97

239 Gordon, Kirk             1:17:11.12

297 Holtz, Timothy           1:20:52.72

309 Ross, Jason              1:21:46.14

317 Toth, Pete               1:22:30.05

380 Ferris, Dave             1:26:07.74

390 Cohen, Cindy             1:27:14.73

417 Davis, Gwen              1:30:44.29

468 Wright, Ian              1:38:42.97

470 Giamalva, John           1:39:01.66

471 Bennett, David           1:39:07.70

478 Deskins, Sharlene        1:40:09.30

481 Ward, Tracy              1:41:01.39

490 Fisher, Laurie           1:43:15.16

503 Merene, Deon             1:48:12.30

514 Gordon, Sharyn           1:55:31.44

515 Fromel, Virginia         1:57:09.88

597 Green, Rodney            2:01:30.93


One Response

  1. GO TEAM! Just had to say congrats on the GREAT results, especially considering the lovely weather this morning. I hope to be running with some of you at the GW Parkway race in April! 🙂

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