2009 running goals

It’s time again for New Years Resolutions.   Researchers found that 46 percent of New Years resolvers stuck with their goal 6 months later compared to only 4 percent of people that wanted to make a similar change but didn’t make an explicit resolution. 

And one of the best ways to achieve success is to make your New Years resolution public.

So here’s your chance. 

What are YOUR running goals for 2009?


10 Responses

  1. I’d like to increase my pace in 2009. Right now I’m around 10:30-10:45 for the 5k and around 11:30-11:45 for longer distances. I’d like to run consistent 10 minute and 11 minute miles. Baby steps. :o)

  2. Here are my 2009 running goals:
    walk/run a 5k by Feb2009
    walk/run a 8k by Apr2009
    walk/run a 10k by Jun2009
    and to gradually build up run/walk
    weekly miles all year long.

  3. My major goal for 2009 is to do a 30-minute 5k. Yep, that’s the same goal as last year (and the year before that, and the year before that….aso).
    I’m getting closer, though, and I’m thinking that with a little bit of luck 2009 might be the year!

  4. sadly injured with my itb just before new year. :(.

    my 2009 goals,
    1. finish in national marathon
    2. yearly mileage 1000+, fast or slow
    3. injury free! (wishes)

  5. I must say that I’ve really enjoyed my first year of running (much to my surprise). I was afraid that I would stop running after the Army 10 miler, but have managed to keep it up (though I have eased up a bit during the holidays). As for this year, I’d like to participate in more races and would like to be more consistent with training. Not really looking to increase my speed, but that will probably come with more running. Am currently thinking about running the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon or the Marine Corps Half Marathon (both at the end end of May). Anyone else thinking about it?

  6. I would like to get consistant with my running- averaging 6-10 miles per week.

    My race goal is the Annapolis 10 miler- but that race, and any others will come second to getting consistant and habitual with my training.

    Oh yah, and try to finish the grapevine in less time that it took me this year! (i did finish last so how hard could that be?)

  7. Ultimately, I want to run a marathon under 2:30:00. Will I do it this year? Will I ever do it? I don’t know. But at 44 I figure I should try to get it done in the next few years.

    Wish me luck.

    Christopher Hamley

  8. I know I am totally late for a New Year’s resolution, but since I am new, I decided I’d be justified. My goal for 2009 is to find runners to inspire to run hard. I would also like to run my first race since my pregnancy by the end of October. I’m going to help as many athletes as I can to train to their full potential.

  9. […] Just in case you forgot… here’s what some of you said for 2009 https://pgrunner.wordpress.com/2008/12/30/2009-running-goals/ […]

  10. Where do I start? Well, as most of you know, I’m on injured reserve at least for another few weeks. (Broken ankle. Fingers crossed that I’ll be out of this boot VERY soon) Essentially, I’m starting over. This year, now that I know I can and will stick with the running, I’m going to seriously work on my diet (10 lbs could make all the difference this year) and increase my speed. I want to run a half marathon. And yes, FINALLY get in that DRESS!! 😉

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